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Lol, did you really box your bike? Why?
OMG Beyond psyched that all my questions were used! Thank you so much! <3
This story is really cute and funny. I wish you the best of luck in your application.

Also, NaBrO is great. I can't believe as a chemistry major I didn't have this joke in my life.
I think that the Ho-oh panel looks amazing. But lol to breaking the bell so fast. Is the world doomed now or something? I can't wait until we find out next page!
October 27th, 2011
Haha, I didn't even notice the ladder thing!

Is Hailey in the same year as Lilly and Oliver? I'm curious about how they know each other :O
lol, glad to seen an update of any kind :]
I'm waiting for Atticus to do something with his Pikachu. Unless he forgot he caught it or something...
Lol, Ash got chased around by Beedrill too when he was in the Viridian Forest iirc. He's good at getting chased by stuff.
@JOYCE: I was totally thinking of Jellyfish Princess too. :D Great ideas are great ideas.
@TheKometh: I'm pretty sure those are the pokemon of the monks. That's the way it read to me at any rate...
I can't find the magikarp D: But that'd be pretty horrifying during a nuzlocke.
You added an x to Plateau :O

But lol. How many badges does she already have? @_@
C'mon Light. YOU CAN DO IT! Put L in a dress or something! Use L's girly love of sweets against him!
Did you mean Pidgeot instead of Pidgeon?

Regardless. I was so worried that Atty wasn't going to make it in time! I can't wait to see Atticus in action. Mebbe he's gained some battling skills?
Lol. I wonder how gay he is xP And I'm 57% gay. But considering that I'm a girl...
PioPio is a great nickname! I named mine Wooper xP Go Wooper! Use fly~
You updated! I like his teeth. I need to draw too D:
I love your comics about you. You're so cute :D
Why can he molest L's throat and not his mouth? *cough*lame*cough*
I'm reminded of this random shounen-ai manga I read about playing tennis and getting to make out... and eventually lick nipples.

Also, another typo D: you not yoiu

I bet you hate me for only ever pointing out typos...