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Haikus - 11
Well, it's nice to see that in the archives of Ab Irato, we knew that poop jokes were our strength.
Given that this comic is from circa 2002...ish, it's getting hard to remember Dave as a freshman in college. *snicker*
Really now, who wouldn't want a fief of their own?
Do remember, Dave wrote this strip.
That picture is actually one of Dave's cats. Behind the scenes fun for all!
Have, if you will, a taste of the coming apocalypse.
And here is where we first alluded to the toaster. We do so love that toaster.
Mike has always been a favorite character of ours. Lots of adventures, no pictures.
Ha ha! This was the infamous "utilies" joke.
If memory serves, this was the series that started it all. Penned and composed by Dave, laughed at by all!
Author's Note
You know, we made this joke last year, and we're pretty sure we didn't make a single poop joke during 2010.
Happy Thanksgiving from Ab Irato!
Sorry it's so late. BS is writing this storyline, and he's on holiday in St. Augustine.
Hello Again, Guiness
Sorry for the late comic. Halloween takes on an entirely new persona when you have a two-year old (dressed as Rex from Toy Story).
Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix And Her Nightmare
Dave really did design a game. That game is temporarily available for free download! e

It's enrolled in the developer's contest. Wish him well, try it out, and rate the game highly!
New Home
Ab Irato is excited to be hosted on!
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