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Professor Dolphin
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@Lord Enigma: Me neither but I thought I'd atleast finish it in some way. Expect more soon.
You only smell if someone else smells it.
SHPP: 102
Thank you for your patience everyone.

@Pokemon Girl: A pity you feel that way. Could you be more specific with your criticism so I may use it to improve the comic? ''fucking sucks'' doesn't help much.

@Guest: I understand you're frustration and I'll admit that I've been lazy with getting back to the ''current'' page. I will make sure to make updates more frequent. As to your ''once you get to #139 only then will you actually start a new story'' this was to give me time to make the new pages, which I have been doing and to introduce the comic to new people. Maybe it was a mistake letting you know this was continuing until I started to continue past ''139''. If you would like, please leave your email and I will inform you when we ''continue''.
@Guest: Yes it's all reposts (with some small changes) until we get back to where we were and then it will continue with new pages.
It's happening!
@Alienoid, @1ce_k1d: Gotta cash em all.
He is a true trainer.
Does he even have feet?
Number one case.
@RazorD9: True.
How did he... What?