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Louis/Pho: The Artist.

Sophie/Yu: The Colourist/Writer.
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Has a madcrush on Nathan Fillion and Boxer Hockey.
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    Pho & Yu
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We hope to be back up and running soon! Thank you every one for reading. You all are so wonderful and we appreciate you oh so much! I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July. -Pho
You guys are too cute! - Pho
Sophie: Sorry for the late upload! Bonus page tomorrow as an apology ;)
Sophie: Oh my god, now not only am I embarrassed by my new name/terrible Italian, but good lord that sounds way cooler. /Crimson Reaper/ that is so sick omg...... I might..... change it now........ mmmMMMMMMM
Sophie: Oops! Sorry for the late update guys! (I, uh, definitely didn't forget to upload this, nope, not this guy...)
<del>Halloween was Basilios birthday</del>
@Antique Doll: Oh! That's not weird at all! Ahaha I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed drawing it!
@GreenNin93: Oh lord I forgot I had even done that to the character page kfjgdkfg

Also wehh thank you!!
Books on Sale!
Books are now on sale here ->

There are two listings, one is just the straight book, and the other is a signed and drawn in copy.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at Anime Expo this year. It was great meeting you all!
Running a little late on the pages! Sorry about that!
hopefully we'll have books to sell by next week!
(Oops! Missed an edit. Fixed now!)
@Bitterfruit: Hoodle lally, hoodle lally! Fortunes, forecasts, lucky charms!

(Lol, yes you are correct)
@Kanilla Maxwell: I'm glad you enjoy them! thank you for reading <3
So We've noticed some of you guys have been getting a little confused as to what is going on? We assume that many had missed the post here. ( )
The plot hasn't changed in the slightest. Its still the same old story you started with, its just a better explanation of the story which we failed to cover the first time. sorry about all this confusion!
@LADYKAZUMI: No the story is still the same. We are starting from a new prologue but nothing of the actual story has changed. Perhaps you might have missed the explanation here about the update.
@LADYKAZUMI: What are you confused about?
So it begins...

So... it's been a while, huh?

Remember those page updates we talked about? Those additions to the prologue?

Well we have them!

Who's ready for x2 BTS updates a week? (and possibly more~)

We know we are!!

So thanks for sticking with us through our silly adventures in trying to become mediocre comic artists. We really appreciate it ;w;
aaaa! I really love this! and you're art is so cute!
Also I think you made a typo. "The fool people" to "To fool people" ??
0: oohhhh! I really like your art style. I'm excited to see more.