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i draw the gay
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New character, Pepperoni!

I'm drawing with Amandur she's in the room with me I slept on her bed omg
November 5th, 2016
Lately I've been so busy with life I have no time energy and motivation to draw. I had to close my patreon bc I can't keep up with the updates. I'm terribly sorry for those who subscribed ><;
But thank you so much for the support you gave me!
September 7th, 2016
Thanks for the comments guys! I'll start updating more often soon ^^
so glad i got rid of that gangsta
he's such a pain to draw ugh
August 26th, 2016

Thanks for reading!
August 14th, 2016
maki can be a monkey, a dog and a lovebird at the same time
2 months.. 2 FREAKIN MONTHS
I'm so sorry guys.. orz

@ohcaptain yeah I remember you commented before on my comic! ^^
and omg thank you for supporting! I'll update my patreon page soon <3
@Lucazu yaaay I'm glad to be back! xD
@Kaname07 aww thank you!! I really missed drawing this comic TvT
GUYS I've been so busy this month so I couldn't update sorry for keeping you wait!! (if you were waiting lol)

Anyway, enjoy!
@Lucazu Thank you!! he's a little creeper tho haha
@aryaya It's good to be back! thank you!
@CuteMissyCat thank you! he's adorkable for me lol
@malice505 hope you did well! 8D ahh it's so good to be back! I love drawing gakuran boys~ I'm glad you think so!
This will be my last update for this month. I'll be busy irl ughh

Hopefully I'll be working the future pages soon for my patreon page

Thanks for reading!
omg shit got real here
Poor kuro tho.. (Even though it's kinda his fault lol )
Just wanted to tell you about my plans for this comic even though I already said I'm almost ending it lol
For the side chapters and nsfw, I think I might open a patreon page for it if you're willing to support me! (because I'm broke af) Tell me guys what you think. See you soon1

@Hexenbalg Thank you for looking forward to them! 8D amg I'm actually going to pair them together but I'd never thought someone would ever mention that
@ZHODY the delfinator thank you! I also like drawing him like this better than the sparkly one lol
@annann ...MAYBE he will.. MAYBE idk but I'm a fan of seme-ish ukes
@oyechi thank you!! glad you like them!
@Lucazu AWW thank you! I can't wait to draw them all
@Aya_Yai thank you! haha that's nice too but I'd love to pair him with a boy huehue
@Kaname07 aww thank you!! Glad to made something memorable then hahaha
@puali Thank you!! I'm excited to draw them all 8D
@ValEspejo aww that's so nice of you to say! I'll try not to take too long!
@Kynn thank you! I can't wait to draw them too 8D
@M-24 haha yeah i'm all for the gayz
@Paxccidental Glad you do! I've been wanting to draw a side story for him for so long 8D
@amanduur thank you amandururhurhhh YES LET US SUFFER TOGETHER
Oh noooo D8
The friend shoud've told him earlier about the contract! He's a nice friend tho
I feel so bad for momo and mimi ;3;
There are things I want to draw now with them being a couple now like cuddling and stuff lol
SOOO I'm making another chapter for all those stuff

I'm sorry for being slow on updates because of life. Unfortunately, I'll be slowing my updates until July.
@Lucazu AWW THANK YOU!! I'm so glad you're looking forward for them <3 and thank you so much for understanding
@ZHODY the delfinator FINALLY after 8 chapters lol
@>FAN< being a little creep he is lol. AHH thank you so much! I will try to update more because it's more fun drawing than doing other things in life lol
I'm almost done with this chapter and this comic

(but i'm still doing a bonus chapter after this)

@shikichika i'll still be around for awhile because it's going to have extra chapters! ;3;
@malice505 well, it still going to have an extra chapter so not technically lol
haha you'll see
@Kaname07 It can't believe it either. It'll still be around for awhile so don't be!
Oh noes trashy you better be nice to momo this time
HEYY my photoshop kinda crushed and I lost most of my screentones so it sucks

But it was fun drawing this page! 8D Hope you liked it too <3
HAHAHA I love that awkward nameless friend guy and omg kuro likes momo
I can't wait to see how this one goes!
i love drawing them crying so much

Thank you for reading!
this is like, super cheesy... as always

@CuteMissyCat Glad you do!! Every time I make something dramatic they always turn out cheesy lol
@Tenth_Lover love confessions are always cute :3
@Erased he's just.. too bad at apologizing
@ViragoWerewolf AWWW
@Kynn Yup, I've been waiting for this lol
@Lucazu YES
@Kaname07 Thank you! Glad you do~
@Owlcity89 (Guest) aww! I love how you always notice little and complex things. I thought no one is going to point out the character development lol thank YOU!! btw I totally don't mind the rambling <3
Maki is always taking things the wrong way lol