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i draw the gay
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New character, Pepperoni!

I'm drawing with Amandur she's in the room with me I slept on her bed omg
so glad i got rid of that gangsta
he's such a pain to draw ugh
omg shit got real here
Poor kuro tho.. (Even though it's kinda his fault lol )
Oh noooo D8
The friend shoud've told him earlier about the contract! He's a nice friend tho
I feel so bad for momo and mimi ;3;
Oh noes trashy you better be nice to momo this time
HAHAHA I love that awkward nameless friend guy and omg kuro likes momo
I can't wait to see how this one goes!
April 11th, 2016
To trashy: you've mentioned before that momo is not your type. What kind of guy is your type then?
aaw bryan!! he's such a nice friend. "No homo" AHAHA
had to draw a gangsta because he's a part of the plot generator

(I accidentally almost upload this in my other comic lol)
Kuro is mean, but it seems that he doesn't want anyone but him to be mean to momo I DON'T KNOW IT LOOKS THAT WAY TO ME
BUT ANYWAY momo is so cute with those bunny ears haha

I respect him now for helping poor little momo C:
seriously tho, his friends are such buttholes
I really hate the rape thing that happens often in bl mangas. I'm so glad that trashy-kawa doesn't agree with the rapey even though he's trashy lol BUT ANYWAY MOMO HOPE YOU'RE GOING TO BE OKAY D'8
February 29th, 2016
omg what are they gonna do D8
love vision lol
February 24th, 2016
He's such an amazing friend hahaha
This comic is so nice and the way you draw your pages look so pro!
I'm enjoying this so far *u*
Back to the romance!

I had so much fun drawing this page lol
hope you don't mind the drama lol
AHAHAHA AMANDUR I love how what we think in the comic becomes the line in the comic LOL I laughed so much at this
I love hiro's seme-ish face here and takashi blushing is so cute <3
@martathecat102: That's like, the best compliment ever <3 lol because this was meant to be r-tarted anyway