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,HI! I'm a male,loved comics forever, im a full time bus driver,part time cartoonist.i also play and teach guitar
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    Jerrie A. Lee
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Captain Terlinda's first mate... Joan loves serving on The HeartLess. Also born and raised in Piloy. Joan trained hard so Terlinda would let her on the crew...then worked her way into becoming the First Mate...Joan has a weakness for rum...and also for Terlinda's brother Jake!(hey...nobody's perfect...Joan has bad taste in guys!)
Jke Loran jr
Good ol Jake...His father was the feared Pirate Jake the Terrible! His mother Yolanda the MIGHTY! His mother is Pirate queen of Piloy! His sister captain of The HEARTLESS! Jake loves it...and, unfortunately...uses his family's wealth and reputation to chase women...get drunk on rum...and do as little work as possible...he does like a good fight like his famous family though...he WILL fight at your a fight you can count on Jake....for anything else, though, forget it....on shore leaves...look for him in the nearest pub...bragging to some girl about his famous families exploits(and hoping he can pick her up) His Mom hopes traveling with his sister Terlinda helps make him more like his Dad.
Legendary Pirate Yolanda the MIGHTY! Built her famous ship...the Heartless with her husband, Jake ...Jake was killed, and Yolanda took over his command. Jake and Yolanda had two children...Terlinda and Jake jr. Terlinda is a chip off the ol block...Jake jr....well...he needs a little work. But she loves them both . She won the throne of Piloy by killing the former Queen in a hand to hand struggle. She then gave her famous ship...and her command to her beloved daughter Terlinda. Yolanda may be older now,but shes still MIGHTY!!!! :) ask the folks who challenged her for the cant..they're dead!
Pirate Captain Telinda(AKA Telinda the Heartless)
she gets her nickname because of her famous ship!
The Heartless! first captained by her mother...The great legendary Yolanda the mighty.
Yolanda gave her daughter her ship when she became pirate queen of Piloy. Terlinda is also called Princess Terlinda (which she is..since her mom is Piloy's queen). Born and raised
in Piloy...sailed, and fought side by side with her legendary mother...
brought up into the pirate life...she lives to fight...plunder, and keep her beloved Piloy going!
more of Terlinda's world....the Eastern Pirates are VERY merciless....they would like to rule the illegal Pirate trade...they ally with NO ONE...repeated attempts to destroy them have been thwarted, because of their fierce fighting abilities.
Tales of the Heartless takes place on the world Plat...another galaxy from ours....Piloy and Kingdom of Thot were once one whole kingdom...until Piloy killed the governor and ran out the thotians....peace was reached though, and the two are close...Piloy is a safe haven for the western pirates...which is pissing off Terga...they are fed up with pirate raids...and Piloy protecting the scum
Tales of the HEARTLESS!!!!

Tales of the Heartless takes place on another world....PLAT!
Pirate captain Terlinda Loran(AKA Terlinda the Heartless) takes over her mother's ship...The Heartless....and her all female crew...
and searches the seas for plunder! in this first story...her travels takes her on a mission to save her world....
her only male crew member is her lazy brother Jake.
June 30th, 2018
terrific art
What? Patrick is gonna admit he's an ass?
great page!
Clockwise wants to retire though....i think he wouldn't mind if Splen stepped in for him...hey, do you have print versions of this comic available? I'd like to buy a copy if you do
May 22nd, 2011
nice page
ha! this was the first time i started liking Kara! i always thought she was an ass until now. I didn't like Michelle too much either until now. Great stuff!!!!
please let me know when the printed version is available and the site address! i want a copy!
dink! I'm gonna use that ! gonna call my brother that tomorrow!
April 25th, 2011
Finish him!!!!!
give him a dirt nap, Patrick!
more blood and zombies is a good thing!
oh puppets! this is going to interesting to watch!
ha! dad was in the dark about his daughter, but not his son eh? this is a great comic! i really enjoy reading this!