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I aspire to do too much, and so it always blows up in my face later down the road.

I'm a great failure in that sense.

Every time I read this comic, it makes me happy. C:

It's been so long. Uh, I'm still game if you all are? That means I should go dust off my characters some, yes?
I can't stop loving this dialogue and story. It's beautiful!
Gaaaawwww! That is soooo cute!
I'm totally happy this is alive again! Woohoo!
Ugh, finally. This page took me forever to do, especially when I realized I had NO IDEA HOW TO DRAW JEFF!!! FFFFFFF!!!!

That, and I didn't have my tablet. Inking pages with a mouse blows!

Anyhoo, sorry for the long wait!!!

*goes off to work on Azize's intro and Shadows's character profile thing*
I really like this picture. It's something about the point of view I think....ffff!
Fuck man, I'm a terrible web-comic-mod-person.

I'll actually do something now...
When I looked back at who the doctor was, my face was literally like this:

Don't worry, I think everyone's sort of thinking this died. And ignoring it....which includes me ten fold. I'm a terrible mod!

But, if anyone's still interested in this I think I'll have more time to start this up again right at the beginning of December. I think my social/school/work life will calm down a little bit for me to actually do stuff with my internet again. So...if anyone is still interested, hit me up with a PM or just leave a comment here.

I have to say, that is probably one of THE sexiest abdomens/chest shots that I've seen in a very long time!
Being tied up makes everything ten times better!

Done entirely in pencil. My scanner, as it is not big enough for the paper I used, cut off part of the side...but only a tiny bit.

So this is what I've been doing at work for the past three days instead of...yah know, working...

Can everyone read my hand writing? I know it's terrible...also, I'm totally going through a style-crisis so I might want to redo my Azize pages before I put them up...>.> I haven't decided yet...
Ahhhh! Total nerd moment for me! XD

Vulcan is an alien race from Star Trek (he's what Spock is) and their blood is they blush green and all that. XDDD
I find it so freaking cute that his sick little blush is green!

It makes me think he's a Vulcan or something....XD
Oh my word, girl, work it!

This page is beautiful! I love the composition and the forms of all the characters! *drools*

*explodes from over abundance of love*
I am soo sorry, Heartfelt! I'll get my Jeff page up tonight or tomorrow (along with my Azize pages...) Promisepromisepromise!!!! >.<
Yaaaaaaay! A civilian! I love him and I love you.