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What up what up the name's Jo ^___^ I'm just that guy that does sprite comics(Pokemon mostly)

I've been spiriting since 2009, and was originally from Drunkduck, but then it got all dumb and stupid so I migrated over to the wonderful Smackjeeves~

But anywayzzzzzz, I have a few comics down below that you can read if you want ^___^ I'm mostly working on Total Pokemon Island right now, based off of the Total Drama series <3

My other comics, such as Jo's Pokemon Journey and Paper Jo, aren't going to be updated anytime soon, but they are not being abandoned in any way :) who knows, an update to them might come soon!!

But yeah that's it I guess? Don't be afraid to drop me a message or w/e ^___^

Oh, here's my deviantart too, where I post my cartoons and stuff
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Oh hey, that's me! Be happy I'm allowing you to be in your dumb comic!!!!!!
@coolkyledude: They switched back to themselves when Jojo said "Thanks for letting me talk to Lizzie alone" to Desmond!
oh lol. I was about to say, you got sick again and I was gonna say to get better and everything!

Nice page as usual <3
@sesareee: SSSSSSSSSHHHH don't spoil it!!!!
lol that was pretty interesting xD

Glad you're not sick anymore! Yay for 10 panels! <3
May 17th, 2015
lmao <3 as usual, fantastic page! I love the girl on the right
Nice job, dude! Really really nice job! :D It looks really great <3 time well spent!
Happy two months <3 can't believe it's been two months already holy shit <3

Nice to finally meet the ever-so famous Mr.Bing!
@ChronoAlone: lol I feel you on the whole "waking up and being grumpy" thing. That's me pretty much every day! : D

But yeah, I didn't want to start a fight or anything, just wanted to address something to you. ^__^ Hopefully you'll be pleased in the comic in the future!
Niceeee graduation outfits <3 I think all that time really paid off, dude! I also like how you changed the clothes on Jeremy's parents for the graduation! Nice touch!

I wonder who that guy he bumped into is though! Eep! :o
@ChronoAlone: That doesn't mean you have to make a huge rant about it either. I know you meant no disrespect, and not everyone likes EVERY single character, but I found that pretty unnecessary :/
Awesome cover!
@Extremmefan: Why not?
Wow... : o so that's Isaac's dad : o

Once again, I love the little details you put in the last 4 panels. The flies, the beers on the ground, etc. It's like you can really FEEL what Isaac is feeling <3
Such an amazing first chapter and a really great way to start off this comic, dude! I know I say that all the time, but I'm like legit hooked to this comic. You never really see a lot of Pokemon comics update here around much(including mine ;__; )but yours is just so great and it's only the first chapter lmfao <3

Can't wait to for the next chapter and I'll see you on May 5! Or earlier for the two bonus comics : D
Jeremy's mom doesn't look too happy! : o
@Vilecheese: I mean, no one's saying to say "good comic" or generic stuff like that, and I don't mind sarcastic comments, but it's just kind of annoying when most of your comments are just complaining/criticizing all the time, lol. :S Like that comment you made in SFC13 about the F5 was pretty unneeded imo.

But if you can't help it as you said, I guess you can't?