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Hey, guys, I'm EpicFire.

I will not be on SmackJeeves anymore. I'll come on every once in a while, but other than that, I won't really be on.
Pure epicness.
Pupitar, Magnezone, Regigigas, Turtwig, and Dusclops.
Porridge pwns your face. XD
Turtwig! XD
I don't know. My best computer mouse is gone, so it's hard for me to sprite on a laptop pad.
Sorry, Haunter. I forgot. I'm changing it right now.
Thanks! :D
Also, the idea is for the leaves to be green because Oddish is blue with green leaves on top.
This was one of HaunterPwnsU's "Mega-Challenge" requests from a while back.
Just plain epic. I love this sprite! :3
Sorry, Haunter. I'll get to those. Sometime soon. :D
The Staryu looks bad. Oh, well. The rest came out good.
Thanks. Some of it was custom so it took a while to make.
I made this a while back, but I finally decided to post it. This fails, too.
Okay. so I know this isn't a mutate, and I know that I'm going to get fail comments. Anyways, a while ago, Russell gave me the idea of make Poke-Masks. So I made a few, and added some hats. There will be more to come. I made these for comic characters. Anybody can use them, just give credit.
A combination between Horsea and Unown. I thought it would come out pretty wierd, but it actually came out pretty good.
Oregall: Rhyperior, Marowak, Golem, and Scyther.

Sentinder: Entei, Tauros, Monferno, and Arcanine. I can't figure out where the rings are from.

Peblix: Onix, Lanturn, and Phione (or Manaphy. Not sure which).

I'm probably wrong, though.
This one came out kind of bad... Also, credit to AJ Nitro from the Spriter's Resource for the ripped Mario & Luigi sprites.