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I am trying to become a tattoo artist. I love webcomics and have been quite obsessed with them for years now. I have a few different comics I'm trying to put together. Spectacle is a complicated story that will eventually have multiple story lines going on at once between all relative family members. There is no planned end yet. Please check it out. I do warn you, however, that I'm working on getting the art work down to a decent level.

visit my website :)
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Aww bye byes comic :( Man I (like every other comment) LOVE this COMIC and hope you at least make another one (Or a prologue!!)
OMG I love your comic!!! I wish you could the rest of it now 'cause I wanna know what happens!! haha. I love your art and style and just, OMG! Really that's the best way to describe your comic(s)
I like your comic :) Its really cute
I love that you posted! Its so cute :)

I had a fat as cat named box but my friend renamed him circle 'cause he was just too fat...(he was EVIL too)
I LOVE your comic, its so cool and your art is pretty cool too. Man I kinda wish it was over so I could just read it all at once...and then cry 'cause its over but I wanna know what happens so badly!
You are amazing, just plain and simple amazing. The colored page is....more ahmazing that usual but still, you're awesome. Love this comic, its the first thing I look for in my favs :)
Man I love this comic and your art. How you can manage to update so much is beyond my comprehension hahaha
I love your comic, its so cute and funny and awesomeness
This comic rocks. Its just plain awesome and your art is AMAZING! Thanks for putting it up :)
I love this comic and I'm really happy I just discovered it so I wouldn't have to wait for the Hiatus stuffness to be over :) AWESOME and please keep drawing :) 'cause its amazing
November 12th, 2010
I love this comic, its pretty hilarious :)
aww...I can't see it. Lucky people who got to see it
His Sword reminds me of Cloud's
Totally love this comic, just finished reading it today and your art is amazing and your story is so cool!
OMG! I love this comic. I just re-read it and I totally wish you could update every hour! 'cause its that cool. Thanks for updating and yay life
I love the comic and your art!
Man I'm like terribly sad this hasn't updated in a year because it was really cool, and from the amount on here its a pretty decent storyline so don't beat yourself too bad but it would be appreciated if there was an update...
September 10th, 2010
So I totally just read this comic in like three days and am SO HAPPY!!!!! Valentine isn't dead. Totally my favorite character, love him tons. Your comic is really fun to read so thanks for puttin it up here :)
Japanness is awesome, crushed footness not so awesome.

SO GLAD you updated, love this comic :) Hope your foot heals magically in a day and such