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early this week due to lack of comic last week
sorry it's late
Did the aunties have daughters?
the frames appear to form letters?
It also posted out of order. Either way I love the comic and the looks on everyone's faces
I swear those are upside down and stretched pokeballs.

Sorry, someone had to say it.

A nice page as always, with a wonderful amount of detail
Yay! An update=^.^=

I love this comic so much, you guys to a great job with the body language of the characters
I hope your personal things work out OK. I always love seeing Mazscara update=^.^=
Soooo from now until the end of the year Gam will update once a week on either monday or friday. I figure one update is better than stalling to try and get more done for two...
I add one vote to that suggestion
*giggles* I quite adore that last panel there
this comic, is so worth instafav
a mistake on this, that top thing on the last panel should be a little different but you've waited long enough
sorry for these last two being late...this one is sick and spends most of her time dieing

also if you are reading this go bug my co auhor to be a good boy and bring the script/storyline on weds or some two weeks there won't be any more updates
uh its posted today...i'm not total fail=>.>=
sorry for the lateness! had a bunch of stuff this week and just didn't get the scans done in time

page 6 tomorrow and then 7 on monday
i did not post this you do not see it =>.>= =<.<=
You really wanna see his face*grins evilly*
December 19th, 2010
sad that people unfaved but i won't=^.^=i like your story