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DJ Maiden
my first drafts will begin around next summer, i now have my tablet *got it on nov/8* and i'm gunna get manga studio 5 so i don't have to draw all the backdrops ;D here are some ideas:
comedy,slice of life, romance: about kokasumi's way to becoming a english born manga-ka,and has interesting group of people she has to live with while she studys abroad in Tokyo. (DJ. Maiden)

name: Daphne Maiden
likes: drawing interent chocolate X3
Dislikes: papers due the next day
sign: scorpio
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DJ Maiden
December 4th, 2010
hardest part of page
for me it's the set up, and trying to change the layout of every page
i lawled
Riona is so cute & moe in that picture XD
i loooovez~ your randomness and reality-like-happenins'
hate her soooo much TT_TT
blubble tea...
i read these volumes in 2 days X3, i need more hobbies. . .
best. part.ever. made. by. humans.
acually i like the toning :3 but thats just my wierd self
good call X3
don't care!
still love shin XD
i love the 1-3 panel, so simple so funny X3
SHIN's 1# FAN:
woot! go shin!
i love shin....i just LOVE SHIN!X3 shin is my favorite character i think X3
in the forth panel she really looks like a girl X3
stupid ultra-cute dragon fox, keeping me from concentrated on the story....
total Pwned.
wow. that was strange X3
i love the background you use, it's reaally pretty X3
>w< so kawaii!
newbie X3
this is my first manga read here!!!! heheh anyway i'm glad it's a good one! ;) i really like how you draw emotions
keep up the good wrok!! :D