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i like manga and anime and drawing
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oooh so cute!
your comic pages are so neat and simple, they look so nice

i can't wait for the next update XD
i'm rooting for kei!
GO KEI GO!you already have a head start!
ha ha ha that's an understandable mistake the're all making
FUDGE i'm just depressed

nobody gave me any names to use = nobody gets any art from me = nobody WANTS any art from me = nobody gives a damn = my comic and pages all just suck
this is what's going through my mind right now

don't bother commenting

i'm just being a bottle of sour milk.

honestly i'm not gonna update for a while cus i don't feel like it and i'm going on vacation.
gotta love creepers
they are always a bunch of fun...
totally stole a corner gas joke....
last update untill the weekend

honestly i've been really stuck on naming my characters so i fugured why don't i turn it into a little bit of a contest?
i want somone to name the guy with the blue hair, preferably a name that sounds kind of classy
i'll draw a request for the person who suggests the name i like the most!
deadline: next saturday..sooo 23rdish i think

so please enter :{D it'll really help me out
there! page 4
i don't think i'll get page 5 done today
boo i really want to colour it

(hehehe awesome tall people are awesome)
this page didn't turn out too bad...

i have the next two pages drawn out already but i'm too sleepy to finish colouring them so if i get the chance to work on them tomorrow i'll post

fu fu fu page is dumb cus i felt like it...
i drew this instead of doing my math homwork, honestly math during summer school is killer i suggest don't do it unless necessary
that is why there is the slightest of a math joke at the bottom but i won't explain it

hardy hardy harrr
does anyone read my lame excuse of a comic? i'm just curious

if you have comments, questions or you just wanna hate then feel free to do so
here's my opinion tho i don't think i'll win (there are so many comments!)
he he he i really like Jun the stranger cuz he's just so childish and stupid. plus it's funny when he steals riona's sweets and the two have a cowboy staredown :{D
oh and cugen's cool too he/she/it (tho i assume is a crossdressing guy...) acts fairly egotistical and seems to like cute things
pffft your comic just makes be laugh! i really love it, i swear my life brightens up just a little bit whenever i look into my favs and see an update!(tho i can't deny that i get a little miffed when you end on a cliffhanger of epicness and then get an art block and only update with cute doodles....)
omg your comic is so cute!
gaaah i just saw that vid and couldn't stop awing!!!
oh it was soooo cute XD
jeez after ten whole months i finally updated!
not a great update but still an update none the less
so i thank my seven fans that i currently have for at least faving this comic (i still can't believe that i even have 7 fans!)
i'll try to update soon
i'm aiming for next Friday hopefully
awwwww Chakin is so cute XD
wow that's alot of sisters!
i can't wait to read more
honestly this page made my day!
every time i look at it i can't help but laugh
i want a dad like that
chocolate marshmellow pie would be amazing lol
wow this looks so pretty and epic!
i wish i could colour like that
draw more plz
it would be nice but wouldn't it get messy
i can't imagin peanutbutter comming out of the carpet very well