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I love comics a lot and hope to one day make my own.
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@DeathDragon: My guess would be because of the cold his skin is dry and cold skin will show more redness at the slightest impact.
He's a just cat of good taste ^^

I was so sad that almost the day after I found this comic, it went on hiatus ;_;

/me gets in line for the premier of more pages x3
Heh, hilarious comic you got :3

Just a small idea for this page. Constance's words in the last panel might have worked better in three smaller speech bubbles rather than all in one, to give a bit more "time" inbetween each prompt to him, just a thought :)

Keep up the good work! :D
I like the pencil version a lot :) While the inked ones look all neat and clean, there's something wonderfully organic about pencil shading. But then, I've got a bit of a bias towards the pencil it is my primary working tool :P Bottom line is that it looks great either way!