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Yo, Seranatis.
Play Guitar, sing a little, I write, I draw, I play vidya. Thats the gist, I mean, what am I supposed to say on these things?
I'm 6ft1 and My hair is brown and I'm 25 and yeah.
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    Jamie-lee Morton
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I'd love to be at the expo but I live in the states now, as woe is me.
Regardless, you have a great time and sell plenty of good stuff. Look forward to more of this yo!
Onion Naan is great as well, specially when used to mix with some Chicken Korma.
That's me and kitkatmuffin on a daily basis right now \o/
Being an adult is so hard. =_=
Reminds me of when I try to gather my writings together and forgetting to label the pages.
Size size size.
Small animals and small clothes. Shame there isn't a proper measuring scale :x
Page something or other.
Take what you will, I'm going to try updating again maybe. I should see this all the way through, rather then let the comic just die.
Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo \o/
Oh hey!
It's Joey! And his top percentage Rattata~
The high's and low's of similar business structures.
Look out, he's armed!
Hey, check out the thing he pulled out, pretty fancy eh?
Kinda cool anyway.
I'm sorry.
Customer Theft!
Look at him, stealing that their customer.
So pretty pretty pretty


Swimmers Ear
I'm sure Atticus can't swim at all.
Yey, finally, been waiting forever for an update and I'm glad it happened! Looking forward to more soon from you :D
Lucinda Arts
Here's another one I just finished up a few minutes ago.
The protaganist, Lucinda, beaten up, black eye and that, broken arm, obviously she's just finished a fight or she's getting into one, who's to say, she's heading into some light in the darkness, fun!
Rye Arts
So, I did this arts for Cramberries, for Rye particularly, also so I could practice some colouring after I linearted it, and its a definate improvement, not fantastic, but its better, plus its something for people to look at.

Oh, I'm now aware he doesn't use a knife and that was Roko's, my own mistake for not paying to much attention at the time but whats done is done, he has a knife in his hand, deal with it.

Damn straight again, that's another page out, this one only took so long cause it took forever with perspective and all the colouring and blah.
I just couldn't be bothered with that final panel til just now, it was such a pain for such a small panel.
Anyway, on to the next one!
Mm yeah!
So which one of Misty' sisters you going with?
I mean she had like, three of em as I recall and from the trend this has followed I know you ain't gonna go with Misty.
Regardless, looking forward to more!
I'm glad this page is finally done, it took far far longer than it should have but hey, it's done now so enjoy everyone!
November 15th, 2014
More filler, it's a comic I made when the idea came to me and well, atleast this way theres more stuff for you gais to look at 8D