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jayax the hedgehog
i am no longer making comics for this profile
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    deangelo vela
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why do u have a car in your rm
this comics too cool to die'
welcome to the comic known as team hedgehog i will alow any authors unless your spriteslook bad but usually that doesnt happen but the following comic ive made sucked eggs i just decided to work on my skills until i got this good and if you dont think this is an improvement take a look at sonic school well anyway this comic has took m4e awhile to develope because i have alot of sprites for it the people on the banner arent the only sprites. ill let any halo sprites join dbz sprites,sonic sprites not pokemon sprites but i will see them and if theyre good ill allow it naruto sprites definetly any questions i will anser
yea quick question ive been reading youre comics for a while and i just wanna ask if i can join
that was halarios man