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My inspiration for making sprite comics was sonic and pals the comics by treyor fayas my favorite video game franchises are:Sonic klonoa pokemon zelda mario megaman and kirby im a fun loving guy who loves to make sprite comics. My current avatar is a Digimon My little Pony cross over. :P

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@witswithme: Maybe someday when i'm interested i'n making comics again. But let's just say right now i don't have the resources or time anymore.
@Metsfan1000: I don't know, i lost my sprites a while ago, i'm currently trying to get them back.
Yeah pretty much what it says. -_-

I also need Metal Sonic and Eggman. And a few backgrounds like Tails Lab.
I need those sprites. One of them being the Metal Sonic i use all the time. :/
@shadow567: I'm not sure. I'm used to working by myself. And i kinda lost all my sprites and i'm currently trying to find my sprites again.
My computer's data just went and deleted itself.
Nobody in the house knows what happened but i'm going to try to get my sprites back. Problem is i forgot where i got some of them.
That Octorok made me lol.
Okay Speed here is supposed to represent how i felt today.

The story behind this:I wanted to make a comic continuing my comic over at SmackJeeves because it's been about 2 weeks since i made one. I only make them while my brother is at work because i get like some kind of stage fright when i do them in front of him.
When he went to work my mom told me we were gonna go eat Dinner because we were out of food today by the time i got home it was already 7PM, so i went to try and finish a comic but as it says in the comic, there was no Internet connection.
So i waited for it to come back and by the time it did my brother was already on hi's way home so i made this quick little comic.

I'll try to get one done by next week.
Does he normally have hidden camera's in Tails lab?
@AuraX: I should probably go back and fix that. You see at the time my screen was messed up and the colors were different so the Yellow one looked green.
I made it in sprites this time!
Well i filled my holiday quota until next month so i'm just gonna go back to playing video games.
Before you guys say anything, i was experimenting to see how well i could make a comic on Colors! 3D. Most of my time since January has been focused on my 3DS so i downloaded Colors! 3D to see if i could make a comic on it so i could focuse my time on both but as you can see, it failed. -_-
Ha Luigi uses an I phone. XD
Something i made in Colors! 3D.
Hey guys! Sorry i'm late but i was just working on a fan fiction on Fim fiction, you can guess what it is by my avatar. I made this drawing to show that i'm not dead and to remind myself that i need to continue the story so i'm going to try and make the next comic and post it next Saturday. See ya!
Somebody edited my Digivices for me and made them into an Avatar for me, pretty impresive.
ಠ_ಠ You devil.