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Really awesome cover, man! Onwards to graduation!!
Ooh, hit me right in the feels with this one! Take your time with the outfit graduations/cover page btw no rush. Nonetheless, great work as always!
Ah, what a heartwarming ending to the first chapter ;___;

I'm actually really excited to see where this goes dude! The story, characters, dialouge, and everything else is so good!! Keep it up!!!
Fantastic page as usual!! It's always nice to see the different sides of your characters, especially the dialogue!

And don't worry about the mistakes dude, honestly, we all make mistakes, I know I have with my comics lol
Man, Jeremy is quite the opinionated person, huh? I hope he opens up a bit as the journey goes on, he shouldn't take things too seriously!

Awesome speech bubbles too!
Poor Rochelle, the nurses are so unappreciated these days!

But yay, Pokemon starters! Interesting pick on having a Riolu and a Koffing, didn't see that pair coming!
Talking is some of the best ways to describe what the character is thinking and feeling! I have no problem with it, keep it up dude!
Very nice dialouge and storyline here dude! Keep it up!!
Awesome comic so far, dude!
Can we have another update soon?
WHOOOOOOOA THIS IS BACK!!! WOO-HOO!! Man, it's been like 10 months! Glad to see its back, hope you stick with it!
Wow, congrats on the 90 pages and the amount of views! This comic has gone a long way, and I'm really looking forward to more! Great updates on the character page too.
Awwwww yeah!
Fantastic page as usual!
Poor Relicanth :(
Hey guys PKNESS here. Looks like Nick just wants it to be him and Sharon. In my opinion, so would I. I think I'm just like Nick.

Hey guys, PKNESS here! Only a few more pages until this is over, whooo! Hopefully you guys will keep reading and commenting!

Did you guys also hear about us being nominated for the Smackjeeves Best Sprite Comic Award?! If you guys vote for us, that would be so awesome!

Anyway, see you next update!
Hey guys, PKNESS again with the update. I'm trying to get back into spriting, starting with TPI. But yeah anyway, seems like Lora is pretty srs.
Hey guys, PKNESS here with todays update. SO MANY PANELS LEMME TELL YOU. But anyway, enjoy the page. Which Pokemon matches the person's personality the most? Leave it in the comments!
Oh hey, it's SuperNova from DD! :D How are ya bro? This comic is going fantastic so far, and the speech bubbles are great!