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Ask. I'll tell.
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As long as you update eventually, I'm good. <3 The faster you update, the faster the comic ends.

I've already had three comics finish in the past two weeks. DDD;
-growls and wants to maim Matt-
=___= What an ass-face.
I've been meaning to tell you...I love your icon. <333
/people get in the way
"Uhm...excuse me, I'm trying to give someone an evil staredown... Can you..? Yeah...Thanks."
Okay, so...
I ordered the Christmas Book, all four of your pins, and a print from someone else over a week and a half ago...I emailed Vaudesville, and they haven't emailed me back. I haven't gotten my order yet... Any advice?
I totally wish I could tag the blue blur that is Dake in the first panel.
@Absinthe You mean Dake has a glasses fetish. Tommy's the one with the glasses. Just sayin'.
-totally went ape-shit on buying buttons on Vaudeville-

Teehee~ : D
The first one that caught my eye was the frilly pink panties.
Sexeh sexeh~
I do love a man with a ponytail and glasses. hurr hurr~ ; )
Oh, and I totally just bought the Christmas Special book. Just realized I had money on a Visa gift card~ : D So I spent it on you~
Hope you have a fuckmazing birthday. <3
I third b4k4chan's notion!
January 10th, 2011 so...fucking adorable. OwO <--raepfaes- Hoyes~
I want to snuggle him forever more. o3o So adorable. I would handle the maimed skin just to cuddle him. :3
I'll be honest...
I jizz a little everytime I see this has an update. ; 3
-waits impatiently-
August 6th, 2010
-also waits until this is a printed book- OwO

Yes, please. I'd totally buy this and read it over and over until it looks like my "Man's Best Friend" manga. That thing catches so much abuse...
August 6th, 2010
-waits impatiently, clicking on favorites until there's a new update- -taps foot, waiting for them to kiss and f-ck and make the hell up-
I fucking love this comic. I've never read or seen another one like it. It reminds me so much of a friend of mine and I'm totally sending at least three of my friends the link to it. I can't wait until you update again. O3O

Just had to get that out. I found it yesterday and have read all the way to the end. ^^ Hope to see an update soon~