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Well, me.

Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hair: Short&black
Eyes: Hazel

Anything else that has to do with my looks: Red glasses, never leave the house without my leather jacket, old pair of jeans and black boots. Am way too tall and way too skinny. I've finally got an earpiercing.

Hobbies: Canoe�¯ng, reading, writing, drawing, being left alone, trying to learn how to play instruments, listening to music (I appearently like everything most people from school hate. Translation; I like metal, rock, gothic rock etc. Despise boybands. Country is forbidden anywhere near my iPod). Dislike watching tv exept for cartoons and Supernatural. Sleeping if I'm able to. (Also known as; Sleeping in class since at night I can't anyway.)

Other stuff: If anyone gets too close to my daily cups of coffee you won't see another cup of coffee ever again. Or another day.

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Ugh, don't move to the Netherlands, we're a boring little country. ... If you count out the weed, and beer at 16. But other than that, boring little country.

Had to comment on this page for the sake of being Dutch, read up to here in two days :) lovin' the comic!


And hoping to see a lot more Nieves/Yvette but whatcha gonna do, you're a lesbian or you're not. Ah well I'll see :)
March 26th, 2011
Hope you'll update this more often, I love it!
Yea. Of course. This'll go great. :P Gotta love the robot.
I always respond to hugs like that :P Awesome page
:D Good page!! Love it :D The reflection in the water is really well done
Yush!! :D Nice page :D
Not enough to let her wreck his car XD sounds like something my brother would say. Great page!
Luckily it's gonna be ok, real life should be like that! So glad she has Kim to talk to now... Can't wait for the next page!!
I hope she's gonna be all good.
And happy holidays back at ya :D Really love this comic :D
Happy anniversary Clockwork Pandas
Uhh... As the title said, happy anniversary clockwork pandas! :D
Why does nobody get it? AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS SHE GETS IT? (Though not sure.) Aww well, can't wait for the next page!!
HOLY FUCK! You can actually buy the first volume! I'm absolutely going to buy it! (In december. 'Cos I'm broke until then. But I AM gonna buy it!)
September 16th, 2010
Just started this comic, love it already. But THE SALUTE´S NOT STUPID! -_-' *Always waves like that*
August 2nd, 2010
Fantastic! I like the screaming Rachel! Nicely done. Dunno what else to say. Except for; will you update again soon?