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... I slipped and fell on a penis," thinks Vivian. "But at least it stopped talking for five minutes."

You know that moment when you stop liking a friend or close relative because you've noticed a trait in that person which is significantly similar to one of your traits, and you watch how the trait harms that person about whom you care? You know how the overall similarity and simultaneous familiarity and objectivity, with the person and the situation, have made you like yourself a little less?

Yeah, way to go, Twist. Vivian just put me there.
I love the hindu inspirations in her commission sheet!

Also, a marvelous update as usual. Thank you, Andy, for being the voice of frustration.
St. Valentine?
I had a calendar of pin- up Popes once. I think we called it "The Monthly Father What- A- Shame."
Greetings from the aforementioned Emily! Twist, how did you know I had unfinished ink on my back?

Also, many thanks, and future Christo looks awesome!
Danke Schoen
Hey, all! The Wiki is currently in coding stage. I'll keep you posted.
I'm with H0lyhandgrenade on this one. Still, this strip is a bright spot in an otherwise depressing chapter, and I'll take it!
Oh, I can think of some...
"Congrats, son! I've been winning drag pageants for years!"
"Son, give your sister some ganja- she's had a hard day."
"Let's call the police (and send Peter to prison)!"
Or, to draw from Rori, "Dance Party!"
Do Not Proceed If...
- updating 5 times per week causes you to die from exhaustion, alcohol poisoning, lung cancer, etc.
- it makes you WANT to die from same.

Otherwise, yes please!
I suppose it's my turn...
Actually, that is rather satisfying...
Skye - Someone DID take a picture of her when she was like that. It's in the prologue, the one of her curled up on that green couch with her (blonde) hair in a ponytail. Still, two questions stand; 1. Does that image show enough of their daughter broken? 2. Will the parents see that?
Congrats on your septuacentennial!
Hey, ce!
You're batting one now!
Twist, you sound exhausted! Are you healthy?

I've got to say, as much as you hate drawing the comic, you've certainly got the details down pat. Check out panel 5 (if you can take your eyes off of panel 6 long enough): a curl of Michelle's black hair is showing from under the wig. Gorgeous!
Hate to fan out, but...
We were given an indication that Patrick would bottom in his past relationships WAAAY early on, during "the talk" with Peter. Peter asked him "does it hurt?" and Patrick responded, "A little, but in a good way." If I've got that dialogue wrong, please forgive. Still, that did kind of foreshadow this, or at least show some breadth to Patrick's sexual experiences and appetites. The which, I still think he switches it up, as many of you have said.
Dear Mr. Twist,

Thank you for finally giving a name to one of your most colorful background characters. Vivian's been a favorite of mine for ages, and I hope that, by virtue of her routinely banging Mulligan, we'll be able to see her more often. Nonetheless, thank you for bringing her back into the periphery!

Sorry, guys.
Christo and Michelle will break up. The more I read through the whole novel, the more sure of this fact I am. "Doomed from the start," I think, is how they're described in earlier chapters. Twist, you wouldn't give us a set up like that and then shank us with a Brady Bunch punchline, would you? You're better than that, even if it hurts to watch.
To say that she's outright jealous, I think, would be overkill at this point. I don't think that she necessarily has the hots for Peter, but I do think that she's new to the experience of having a protector. So she's got some muddled up feelings that she doesn't know how to sort, but she does know how to lash out at the first female who gets in the way of her good thing. And thus, we have a cat fight.
Good Movies
Thank you, Rori, for the awesome movie recommendations!
I'm with everybody. Thanks so much for Monday's comic, Mr. Twist, but you didn't exactly tell us if it was Melanie or not. Good on you.
@ amiko: Yes, but gentleman manners + farmboy physique = many bar fights, also