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My name's Aki! Although I'm not a great artist yet, I'm hoping drawing various comics will help me improve. Although I have many ideas, I may never get to any of them. Sorry for that.

I'm mostly here not to post my own content, but to comment on yours. I love viewing others' comics, and giving critiques and support.

Looking at all your comics and being exposed to so many different styles of art and storytelling is really helping me pick out things I like and improving my own style. I want to thank all of your for improving my art, just by letting my observe yours!

HanaLi is on hold until I finish a 20-page practice comic to help me learn how to finish a comic. And I'm procrastinating that comic with Theirs because I never learn my lessons.
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This page felt so soothing to me for some reason....I'm sure Mr. Kitty wasn't happy to be put in the time out room, but I had an extremely pleasurable reading experience.
Long time no see!
The comic's not coming back (I'm an adult now comicking ended up not being the direction my life went), but I thought it would be fun to redraw the first page of HanaLi! I still love this story and wish I could have the time and energy to share it with everyone.

Make the wholesome wlw content you want to see in the world! Since I can't, I'll recommend someone who is: two dear friends are creating the comic Rainbow, the script of which I helped beta. It used to be on Smackjeeves, but is now on Webtoons and Tapastic, and is made by Sunny and Kit Gloom. Here's the Tapas link

I hope the years have treated you well!
I've been loving the paneling! That big Mimi in the bottom corner looks real nice [thumbs up emoji]
Heeeere's the sad *v* or, notes of sad.

I love Boo's anatomy on the last page. <3333
Lovely last page! Natural crowds are hard, and especially for crowd scenes with less density, it's hard to make the spacing look natural. You did a great job!
them good lippos *v*
I am extremely adore how in touch Sooch is with his emotions, and communicating them, and being great. Sooch for president 2k17
You manage these transitions so well! It always seems so natural, not forced at all. I really appreciate that!
Those sheets are drawn so well??? You captured the shapes and volume very effectively.
Also may I just say that I adore how Boo's hands are drawn? What good hands. So soft.

I honestly don't know whether Boo is gonna fess up or not and either way I'M NOT SURE WHICH IS THE CORRECT OPTION
I love all thought put into the compositions for the 'photos'! It shows a lot of artistic sense, I absolutely love them!
I have been lats-panel-Nore so is so embarrassing and relatable ^7^;;;;;
I saw Lucian and got really excited! You captured him really well. *0* Those colours are also perfectly abhorrent. Accurate as hell.
That second-to-last panel is so precious...the facial expression is so nice, and that dialouge!!! I love Emmet
This cover makes me real real excited for the chapter!! Thank you for continuing to put time into creating this!
I love the pacing of the story, and the depth of the characterization! I adore your updates, thank you for sharing your work with us!

Good luck with the new semester!
That's the look of a dying man
That last panel
You did such a great job on the pacing for those 3 weeks. It didn't feel too long or too boring, a few cool ideas were conveyed and a lot of feelings! You executed it very well, and I really admire that! Time lapses can be hard.

So excited for the coming events!! ^v^