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I'm Amanda.
I'm 13.
I love South Park <3
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Hehehe. This is so adorable! :D
Lol. They scare me too. I just don't expect the toilet to flush....and it does. xD
Lol xDD
I am such a procrastinator. I'm always putting off school work until the last days or until late at night and such. xD
lmfao. this is funny. <33
Oh my Jesus. You make Tweek look so adorable :D <3
Lol. Why kill them with explosives, when you can confuse them to death with random objects. xDD
lmfao, pianos. xDD
OHMYGOSHH im excited for the next music scene! :D
Lmfao. That is so true. xD
I'm /always/ in a game with little kids singing.
Ohoho. Craig wants Stan to get down. hurr hurr. xD

I have a dirty mind... -shot-
This is one awesome comic, :D