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More like abducted
September 26th, 2010
We always see the same side of the moon because it spins around itself at the same rate as it spins around the earth
September 26th, 2010
I am actually very annoyed by the fact that we use base 10 >_<
hexadecimal is much more practical and at least just as easy(if only we had learned it from the beginning) =/
He's really human?

haha. I can already see it:
"I'm really... a charmander"
You should totally make a 100-fans picture now =3

Preferably one where Micheal can show off his complete wacky-ness(Vine whip, anyone?) XD
100 fans!
Just have to say that I love this comic of yours, BruizelKnight ^-^
Not to mention that Micheal is my favorite Charmander of all time =o

And hey, it seems I'm even the fan number 100 of PMDM =D