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I have managed, somehow, to reach the age of seventeen without going postal. I'm also hoping to make some kind of headway in the writing or art business (the stuff here isn't something to judge my general art by). I live in England and therefore use the letter 'u' a lot more than most.

Reflux Tablet, my main comic as of late, was born from a concept I had waaay back before time began (2004) and stemmed from my love of names derived from ordinary household items.
Also the thought that some parent, somewhere, held up their son and thought 'He looks like a Reflux'.

I'd be interested in collabs as a writer, but not as an artist. Not that that would happen, due to my pretty obvious lack of fame here.
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Well, least she was a she.
The skeleton's first hat moment made me laugh.
And the art gets better and better as I read.
Heh, this is great.
I think the thing I like most about this comic, apart from the hilarity and the way that it all pulls together in a wonderful fashion, is that you don't take it all perfectly seriously (like the Skiidskidskid ACTIONPACKEDFINGERPOINT bit).
Today, random things keep making me laugh. That line was one of them.

By the way, this is brilliantly drawn. It's good to see something succeeding that isn't anime or completely centered around homosexual prettyboys.
June 27th, 2007
Heh, I really wasn't expecting the old man bit. The expressions on their faces are perfect.
June 5th, 2007
Oh god.
I didn't get the 'Koffea/Tea' link. I got that they were named after etc etc, but I didn't make the link...argh, my brain's busted.
Haha, I love the fact there's just this severed human hand there.
The bemusement in the second panel cracks me up. Its like a combined emotion of "Urrr?"
You going to update again soon? I added this ages ago and it still looks like its going somewhere.
The kung fu line actually made me laugh out loud. That's a rare occurrence.
I was afraid this was going to be like the typical smackjeeves thing and have them make with the immediate sexings. Instead, you present us with an exceedingly glorious crotch kick.

I like Skye. He's a perfect little Machiavel.
I read a story like this years ago. This woman gets diagnosed with some condition meaning she only has a couple of days to live. She ditches her no-good boyfriend and goes out and enjoys herself for once (seeing as she's spent her whole life caring for other people). Then she gets a call saying the 'doctors' and so forth were pranksters.

I guess it was about enjoying life or something. I read this as something similar...

[edit] wow, that was incomprehensible. I blame the coffee.
A lot of cartoons on here aren't all that funny. This, however, made me laugh.
Nuns have to use buses. I think they stopped giving them driving licences after the 450th fatality.
I have decided this is a rather wonderful comic. You storytelling style is perfect and the drawing compliments it well.

Haha, I sound like a serious reviewer...
Got to love that crazy prince.
There's something wonderful about British Villains. Living in Britain, I wish to have excess of them.

In other news, I knew this would be good from the banner.