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This... this is now the strangest and most awesomest thing I have ever seen on Smackjeeves.
Look, I'm sorry I accused you of ripping off spongebob and linked a YouTube video, you don't have to be so... subtle! It wasn't really an accusation, I just happennned to notice the similarities. It will probably never happen again.

I assumed they were just going to eat him but sacrifice is much better. I'm sure his soul will be much appreciated by Cthulu.
@BlueyKid: I censored it, should I do that from now on or use stars (*) ?
@Fierce Link: Don't worry, they're alive... somehow. I've been listening to a lot of Marvel VS Capcom 3 Music lately myself.

@King_Rover: Why thank you! I'll try and finish it sooner this time.
@Fierce Link: Only if they're still alive! Of course, it wouldn't be a very good story if I just killed off the main characters in the 8th comic.
Sorry this took so long. You know what, I'll just stop apologizing and update whenever I can/feel like it. Also I'm pretty sure 40 is the most fans I've had on a comic so thanks everyone!

Anyway, this joke is incredibly clumsily executed but it'll come back later. Yes it's a lot of reading, but if you're really that lazy then you can just leave.
@Tigeri102: I think of them as old friends who go way back, because of the whole princess kidnapping thing.
@Fierce Link: I think of Ganon as someone who would more likely just teleport him to some unimaginable realm of unspeakable horrors.
Bowser's so fun to write for. Anyway have you guys and gals seen the Avengers? You should see the Avengers. I did, twice; in one week. And I bought a shirt and a special cup and it was awesome. It's awesome. Go see it. Now.
@Fierce Link: Thank you! It's great to hear that so many people are enjoying it so far.
It took me a while to figure it out but I knew I had seen "or maybe Debbie" somewhere!

About 0:41 in. Is this just a coincidence?
@Vonsont: That's a strange way of putting it, but thank you!
This one seems a little lazy, I wanted to get it done and uploaded soon.

Also, I'm going to try and update 3 times a month.
Yaay! It's back!

@Luxbot: As much as I prefer Mewtwo, In my opininon Lucario makes more sense in a fighting game. Mewtwo floats and uses psychic energy, whereas Lucario actually jumps, kicks, and punches. I also think it's a marketing thing, like changing Ash's companions and Pokemon. They put in Pichu to coincide with Gen II, took it out and put Lucario for Gen IV. They will likely put Zoroark or somethin g in the next one but I could be wrong.
@BlueyKid: Just because they're Italian doesn't mean everyone in the Mushroom Kingdom is! I considered that but I wanted Dedede to be a kind of mob boss. Eventually I just settled on an accent sort of like he had in the cartoon instead.
@Alexini0699: Who wouldn't be, they're so pink and ... round!
Sorry this took so long, I've been really busy.

First of all I am perfectly aware that Mass Attack came out BEFORE Return to Dreamland. I just don't care. Dedede was originally going to be Italian but eventually I settled on this vague New Yorkish accent. I plan on having Wily be German, K. Rool be British, Mewtwo be French, and Robotnik will be Russian.

Also, I'm not sure anyway noticed but the colour is way off in each comic. This is because I make these in Fireworks/Photoshop on a Mac and neither of those can resize sprites without fuzzying them (That I know of.) So I use a Mac Paint equivalent called Paintbrush but it messes up the colour. Did anyone notice or care for that matter? It's really bothering me, personally.
I've been watching BBC's Sherlock and now I think in an English accent.
@Tigeri102: Hundreds of thousands? I'm only seeing 418, but I'm sure he has tons more fans. Since he's one of the main villains, sidekicks he should have a relatively big role later on. Also, I'm glad you're liking the comic.
@BlueyKid: Finally, What took you so long?
No I kid, I kid, I'm glad you like the comic so far!