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You Smack jeevers be crazy
So far, the order I'd like them to go is 100% correct. That's not saying much though, is it? Ahaha.

Lauren next...
Who's dying of what now?
lulwut Betty <3
love <333

Chloe seething indifference

Ventious is okay so far
Finally <3
Oh my
Me and my so many comments, I just keep on forgetting to add things.

I meant to include Taylor and Charlie in my people who should come back list
And please try and bring back Minerva goddess to get revenge kthx :)
And lol
at me being first post.

I still have more to say I realized!

When you do an All Stars game in the future, I realize we'll have tons of other characters to love and hate who will be back for it, but of the ones we have now, these are who you should consider.

The winners: Skylar, Elise, Montana, Barney and Marius.

People who haven't returned yet: Rene, Kris, Baxter, Hope, Lily, Greg, Miranda

People who were on this season: Hogan, Wendy, Joe, Bitsy, Norman, Kala

That is all

Good job on this :)
SO CLOOOOOOSE! This was a GREAT season, and even though the Bitsy win was a little obvious and I didn't like her, I say it is a great ending and she deserved it. <3 Good job SWSU.

BTW, how do you send in characters. I presume S7 is already cast, but maybe I could send one in for a future season if you'd consider it.

PS, do you post on Survivor Sucks per chance?

P.S.S, I'll miss Wendy, Joe, Hogan and Kala :(
Oh man
That exit was AWESOME. He can't keep outdoing himself :P It is too much!

Popper - Bitsy

Norman - Bitsy

Al - Bitsy

Joe - Kala (you said one of the four voted her, so he had to be the one with his coin toss)

Wendy - Bitsy (You hid her vote! To me it looks like she is getting over her bitterness)

So my prediction of 7 - 3 may still stand lol
There was some obvious votes here.

Violet, Wendy and Sin are all voting for Kala.

Hogan and Lucky are for sure voting for Bitsy.

That leaves four votes I think up for play.

Joe, Al, Popper, and Norman.

I really think Bitsy will win it, Kala's performance this tribal was terrible. I really think Bitsy's point that she played a superior game resonated with those four.

Joe - For him, he hates them both. He had some fights with Bitsy, but Bitsy's answer to his question was better. She did play a better game, while Kala's "She's a bitch" response isn't very persuading. However, I see him spite voting Kala. It would give Kala four votes, enough for Bitsy to win it still.

Norman - Strategy genius will vote for someone like him. Once more, Kala failed his question, like she did with Joe. I think he will vote for the person with the best strategic game.

Al - Al I think is a lock for Bitsy. I think he is being humbled a little by this lesson and respects Bitsy's game play. He had no relation with Kala, I doubt he'll vote for her.

Popper - Popper will probably vote Bitsy because he hated Kala "BOO!" But still, hard to tell what he is thinking.

So I think the end vote will be

Bitsy - Hogan, Lucky, Norman, Joe, Popper, Al

Kala - Sin, Wendy, Violet

For Kala to win, she'd have to tempt Norman, Al, Popper or Joe, and I only see Joe maybe voting for her, and that still leaves her one short.

So my final prediction is:

Bitsy win by 6 - 3
Or she could just beat them all to death if they don't vote for her
QJD, she has been up in the spotlight, and story wise it'd be weird for Kala to win now. Though...maybe that is what you want us to think swsu O.o

ALSO. I just realized that Kala may have spent the most days playing Survivor out of everyone? That is lol
Wendy, Joe and Hogan are a cool trio, it sucks we don't get to see more of them as a trio and this will probably be the last time we see them interacting :( Unless you have another all stars and bring back some more for three peats.
Go Kala, everyone underestimates you

Bitsy is confronted with two forces, each threatening her to side with them or lose. Everyone calls her a goat and expects her to never win. She makes a final stand, deciding to get all Bitchy on them

(BTW, I like how you used George's nickname in the comic XD)

It's a good last minute edit on your part. I'd be surprised if she decided to give up immunity like somebody said.
Man, now Bitsy is getting such a winners edit :(
I doubt SWSU would have two back to back winners who played the same game...