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Cred to Abdie for avatar
Ok so here we go!

I'm a spriter I've been spriting for about 1 year,

Thing's about me

Music: Techno, Rock, Retro, Electronic, Rave.
Art: Abstract, Digital art.
Work: Turntable, Mc.

Music: Country, Liquid metal, Pop, Justin Bieber.
Art: Sculpture's
Work: Construction

TwilightMasterX ;)
EffioTheWolf ;)
XEcho ;)
Wolfieboy (wolfehMAN) ;)
Eli (sort of)

Special friends have [;)]

  • Real Name
    Vin sabaten
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Yeah I like 4 the most
I would say D it has bangs, and it has awesome black spines
Oh my........These are ehh, good?
Ok you know what I Cant do it these are just bad I've only been spriting about a year Im sorry,Also most of the custom aren't even custom.
Behold my fellow Sj'ers
Rex Ryias The Squirrel
Hi hey Breaker, May I cameo?
Well guys some random guy asked me "HOW MANY FC"S DO YOU HAVE?"
So here, 4

Age: 25

Age: 17

Age: 7

Age: 13
I Made pixel ART!
Good choice of song, it seems you and me love music a lot c:
God how I love Daft punk
You stole the quills, I can tell I've seen them on DA before
Ok guys I made a splice trust attack, And credit to that effio guy for the speed kicks!
Guys how did I do?
There custom sonic style, If you guys want just ask and I'll let you edit them for your sprites
Hey Man can I use the running sprites?
I added some more "posses" so the end's of the "attacks" so they look better
This very cool, although they lack shading
Side view of Vin
Oh thank you, Nice to see someone who`s not a "troll"
This is awesome!
I love his pallet color