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>.< *stuff*
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You and dragon husbands synced up in the dead/not dead ethereal plane revival. That's awesome I love when stuff like that happens
Haha, nice bill
•=•(\ is this kimrick's ex?
Spoken by the man currently taking in said whore
mmm, to have cleavage you need boobs, but just because you have boobs doesn't mean you have cleavage, trust me.

well except when it involves your toes but no one wants to show toe cleavage, its just too much for men to handle
Wow, This is not how I imagined it going down. I love it though *Q*
That's horrible
Y people no comment? QAQ
She put emphasis on "sister" does that mean blue is, like, actually her brother?
QwQ the feels~
Ffffff, oh yes! that's good stuff =w=
@Psychikos: no, don't make me laugh at this
And then Sam is all like: <x< Nooope.
Mr.feathersworth ;^; ...I didn't actually like him but now that (I think) hes gone I feel bad...
the food... it just me, or does it look like fried rice
as a ticklish person
I declare you truly evil...
science is not magic
I'm starting to think pp is not a magician...because he is a professor... right?
Wait can seaweed hear that on the phone?...her poor ears....
No, he needs to be on meth and get punched a few times in the nose to get that look... just say'n

Honestly I was waiting for kaito to tell his dad he was gay out of anger... too soon for that huh?
I wanna know how he did that...