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I'm 16 and I am currently doing interactive media (TV&Film) btec national diploma at Cleveland College of Art and Design.

I like comics, art, movies and discussing them. but I suck at computer games.
September 1st, 2010
Sorry for the late update! it seems that things are going to be slower for now.
August 31st, 2010
Re-uploading the first two pages onto the 1st chapter.
August 31st, 2010
Re-uploading the first two pages onto the 1st chapter.
This is probably my favourite page so far, plus this is where things really kick into action.
I swear, the last two pages, Reg has looked like a murderer. - M
Sophie and I thought that Reg looks like he's gonna smash someones face in on that bottom panel.

Uh. Losy edit comic page.

This link to see the fanart by the wonderful Sammy:
To Readers,

A great big THANKS to all our readers at the moment, friends and family of our brilliant writers and artist, Sophie and Magpie, and the community of smackjeeves. You people are completely awesome and rad’! I know we’re not very far in yet, but I hope you’re into ‘NOTICED?’ enough to continue.

Big hugs and kisses,

Nadia (=^_^=) x

A great big THANK YO-HOO for the support!
- Mx

(OH. FANART, CHECK IT OUT! Thanks Sammy! x x x )
Long story short, Nev met a hot guitarist chick and her weird mohawk sporting best friend at a gig who invited him to a bassist try-out. But that's no fun just saying that, is it.

Say goodbye to that jacket! I refuse to ever draw that thing again!

Updates are probably going to be slower now, with both of my best friends back from their travels, but don't worry They'll be a page atleast once a week.

- M
Bit of a boring page, I apologise for the wod of text. but it has to be said.
Pfft! thank you thank you for mentioning me aawhh! thank you : ' D honestly the picture was fun to do...I've never drawn dodoes before...

also - i loll'd so hard at the blender panels.
Yes! it is his most striking feature.
Nadia's face wasn't supposed to look so creepily animefied in the last panel, but that's how it turned out.
Reginald in all his beauty. <3
Neville has about the same skill of talking to the opposite sex in these situations that I do.
Yeah, better try next time Neville.
This page wasn't in the actual script, but I felt like slowing down the pages and showing Nadia and Reggie actually playing their instruments.

Not really sure if they're playing a cover or an original. We'll leave it to your imagination. :)

- MagpieWORKS.
I wish I had snorkels for my bath.