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Well, I'm still in college, (SUNY Albany), taking a major in English and Minor in communications. I used to draw these primitive comics in high school while bored in class, and given my interest in webcomics decided to post them up and continue them in the same tradition and style.

I also have ideas for some comics that are beyond my own artistic abilities, looking for artists who'd be interested in a partnership opportunity
My baby cousin and I differed on our idea of fun
I know, lame, but I did this in 5 minutes waiting for one of my classes to start, and wanted to see how well I could do basic cartoons without my mouse.
this got thrown together last night as a way to avoid reading for one of my classes
What? He might be a carpenter or something...
@ iamseth: ...o.O
Just something I doodled in 5 minutes before one of my classes, trying to get back to posting regular stuff and regularly soon!
I cannot wait to see Shika tripping balls off the Mother Punga!
I felt I could trust Sir Anthony Hopkins....until Hannibal
plus 20 rads
I'd want to make my own dice with an infinity on it, so i could totally melt some nerd minds with my awesome aggro.
the same way any official gets elected
...but...WHAT ARE THEY!?!?!
Incredible detail on Charon's face in the close up.

2 things I'm surpised to have not seen SHika do yet though:

1-the bomb in Megaton

2-reaction to Uncle Leo
Freakin Awesome. I can't wait to see how you draw the swamp folk.
impressive way of painting the picture of my fears as a college studnet
Maybe I should make a seperate spin-off for Shit-Cakes themselves?
I should detail:

Bob is mentally retarded and severely my imagination that makes him very very volatile.
Aha, thanks man. I used to do these doodles in school and i'm starting to actually like doin them once again
Oh yea, awesome to have the Vault goin again XD