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Hi! (ο・ω・ο)/
I'm quite of an shy/antisocial person but I really want to start making friends ;A;
I like manga (Kaori Yuki~ <3) and anime, visual kei, drawing and listening to music. My goal: to improve at drawing and story telling! (´・ω・` )

Please let me know what you think of my works (o^ω^o)

Bye (ο・ω・ο)ノ
January 22nd, 2013

.... I'll try to upload the next page faster ;^;
December 27th, 2012
I'm so sorry for being so late;u ;
I just lacked motivation.. I don't even know why I do it in full color since this takes me more time but.. it's pretty, isn't it? ^^;

Hope you'll enjoy it ^^
November 4th, 2012
The meeting between Sa-chan and Zap-chan~
you can read it also on MangaMagazine:
This was hot 'till now (◎;;◎)
But I also think they should wait a bit more until they do it (◎,,◎) They should know each other a little bit better... let some time for the sexual tension to grow and grow >w<
I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing like that...
I just lost my motivation...
But now the weather is warmer and I think I want to draw again... No, I DO want to draw, I just got my will back ^^
I hope to be able to finish this soon...
I have some plans...

I'm sorry for being late otl

I'll try my best to upload every Sunday from here on ^^
Now my head is too dizzy...
stupid cold >.>;;;;
February 3rd, 2011
Last page~

Sorry for being so late orz
But I have a present for you guys~
Hope you will like it ^^
Finally page number six~
I'm sorry for being so late.
I just lost my motivation lately...
but I already did the next two pages and I have two more... maybe I can finish this... and maybe I can start those others mangas that I have in my mind... so many~

Hope you'll enjoy this 'till the and~
Ohhh~! OoO
This is getting really good!
January 9th, 2011
Finally page number two~

I'm sorry for being so late _| ̄|○ I just took my time with the screen-toning ^^;; In fact the next page is finished and cleaned, ready for screen-toning too but I just get to lazy and picky when it comes to this part ^^;

Also by mistake, when inking I made some lines thicker. But as I look over it again I thought 'Why not do all page like that?' and I did it laughing because it looks like a mystery manga XD
Does it amuse you too or is my humor so bad? XD

And I'm sorry for the screen-toning that took so much time for nothing, since it looks not so good _| ̄|○

December 30th, 2010
First page~
Hope you will like it ^^

And already 3 fans OAO Thank you~ I hope I won't disappoint you~
December 30th, 2010
First story! ^^
The way Sa-chan, Zap-chan and Bunny-chan met Bos-chan.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

@nifakaz Thank you very much (^ w ^)
December 30th, 2010
The first fairies that we will have fun with ^^

From left to right:
Sa-chan: air-head, simple-minded, likes spring, flowers, quite the romantic-type; (sa comes from 'sakura' which means cherry blossom in japanese)

Zap-chan: grumpy, likes winter, snow, tv, action, quite a tom-boy; (zap comes from 'zapada' which means snow in romanian)

Bunny-chan: still a child, cute, likes rabbits, fluffy, cute things;

Bos-chan: shy but interested by what is around her, quite a lady, likes to play pranks from time to time, likes pumpkins, cats (has a black one - Mitzu) and Halloween. (bos comes from 'bostan' from romanian, which means pumpkin)
Happy Holidays everyone~!!!

Finally updating...
Even if the page was finished weeks ago, I still needed to do the screen-toning and that took me the most* ̄Д ̄)
I'm sorry _| ̄|○
I'll try to bring the next page faster _| ̄|○

oh, yeah,
screen-tones from:
I managed to keep my promise for once~! Yey~! hehehe ^^;

Ehh~... if you spot any spelling mistake tell me.
And the things will get clear soon~

Only like...6 pages to go!!!
Please stay tuned^^ heheheh ^^;
I'm so sorry for being so late ORZ
I only need to type the text for the next page ^^ so it should be here tonight ^^

I'm sorry!!!
And thank you to the 4 fans! Please stay with me until the end of this story~ I promise it won't end bad ^^ (please~)and forgive me again for my lateness^^; school is eating my time and energy orz

I'm sorry for being so late~
School has started and I'm nothing more then a zombie carving for sleep and rest~

The screen-toning here is quite shitty... and the drawings... quite good minus last panel orz

Well, let's hope I won't make you wait to much for the next page~ ^^

Please go a page back; I edited page 01 ( つ Д `) because I have forgotten the text from there ( つ Д `) just saw it today on the sketches as I was applying the screen-tones for this page (/ Д; ) really sorry otl

Ehhh... now you get to meet the two main characters ^^
Drawing short hair is hard u_u
Why is so hard drawing backgrounds? (/ д; )

My head hurts~(/ д; )

'If you are alive~
I you are not lying~
I'm dreaming a nightmare~''

Jigsaw by Acid Black Cherry (o^ω^o)~
Nice melody with nice lyrics~ ^^

Added the text ( つ Д `)
I'm sorry for forgetting about it ( つ Д `)