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Cylon 182
I's just another fyat guy who enjoys sitting around, listening to music, playing video games, reading manga, and killing the unborn... ok I made that up. I don't have ears so I can't listen to music! LOL before me!
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yes I did. It has a.. "Last Scene" feel to it.
did you do those clouds cause that's beast(beast is now considered a profane word. Didja know that?)
good thing he doesn't feel pain
Explain to me how you assimilate your mind into a bear.
I think shadow has some major eye irritation! lol cool comic. You a shadow fan too?
Cylon 182
January 18th, 2011
I know you said it was funny... BUT I DIDN"T THINK IT WOULD BE THIS FUNNY!
Sorry for taking so long
last time i was on the website a trojan got uploaded into my comp. hopefully it's gone. I wish I had more work to show for how much I like this series but Black and I haven't been able to do much with school back around. I can't say much else will happen past this point. You'll have to stick around to find out.
Thanks dawg, I was so worried I'de &*^! it up but none of the faces we already had truly matched that situation so I made my own.
HA! You may be able to win at beard having but you'll never make it past the thrid challenge of Chopped!
This a great series! It's funny and creative. If I had fingers I'de give you a ten out of ten... Sadly all I can do Is do the jabberwakey! Do do-do do-do
A few pointers about myself
Thanks for the warning but here's a few pointers for our readers. The likelyhood of me changing much about this comic is under the red line. I find comic sans to be a very all around font but has more creativity to it than arial and times new roman. My computer is in no way new, nor do I have the money or the desire to buy a new one so certain downloads do not work. plus I'm already acustomed to the paint program. And finally, I chose a megaman character because from what I see, not just here but EVEREYWHERE, is people using sonic remakes. I for one would like to be a break in the cycle. The reason I chose recolor is because it's the easiest and the fastest. For all who have a problem with it, you can send a complaint to where I shall vigurously delete it. The message being, if you give me advice I'm going to ignore it. I'm not saying you're wrong or that I don't appritiate help. I'm just saying this is how I do things. If you want something to really change you'll have to talk to black.(Thanks about the speech bubbles though (=!)
Thank you... I think
That comment kinda parts both ways. That means it's already good and become better... or it's a peice of crap that can improve to something worth people's time... LMAO JK. Thanks for taking the time to read Black and I's work, we apreciate every fan and postive comment.