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Former known as TheDarkman1990 on Sj, DA and fucking everywhere. xD

I probably will do a comic or so if I have time to do so.
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Interessting plot. In the first part, Helis daughter dressed as Heli was there and now she is gone.....IT'S LIKE MAGIC!

Ok then again. They are all in Helis mind. Nothing makes sense here.

And how can you lose TeK anyways? Have you offered him sexual attraction somewhere in your mind?
@ Bringer

Sorry for what? I am just joking around. ^^
^No lawsuit filling this time eh felix? :3
^Thats what I was saying the whole time about Skullgreymon.

But now it´s just predictable.

Way to go Greymon. Nova blasting Shard. Ok you stop Phantomon, while he had delicious lunch. But that isn´t an excuse for murdering someone! *brick´d*
It´s very easy to make an explosion like this on pdn. as long as you know the thrill. :D
I still love this.

Greymon should Digivolve to Skullgreymon! Or else I will unfav this comic *shotdead*

Kidding ;3
Shadow Man switched colours. That cheater.
*Just to make Nereo feel worser*

He sucks as a leader. HE FUCKING SUCKS!

Oh look. Shard is sad. :(
Oh look it´s Van.

And Nereo will never be the same. D:

Skullgreymon anyone?
It´s time for flashbacks while being emo. :(
I am a fucking plot teller. I smelled it. I fucking did. Do I get a cookie now? :3
This smell, this obvious smell. It´s so obvious. I smell a split up. :C
@ Bringer
Can I ask you here why you do need them. Or on PM?
Hard Knuckle right in da face!
Thos damn fucking furries.
Oh Dave...oh wait poor Enker and Ring Man.
Dave will convince Ring Mans rings to work for him. Either that or...wait a sec. They are already screwed. xD
Since when did Zman became a girl?

Oh and yeah better Martin, hvac and Whip than me. :D
I like the drawing. :D

I also like the amount of the character development here. Big time. ^^