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LOL. No.
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February 23rd, 2013
Yup~! ^___^
Unfortunately, due to my lack of artistic skills and a working tablet, it's just a simple sprite comic that relies more on my photoshop skills for now > <
If you want to check it out:
I /do/ have a story that I've tried to draw out, but I'm stuck on how to continue that one xDD

Pirates have always been awesome for me ever since Pirates of the Caribbean xDD
Poor Kuragi xDD But that's okay, love will persevere~ :3

Oh dear, I hope Shuuhei won't get in trouble D: 'Cause, well, he's right there and Kaidou just stormed out and all D:
February 22nd, 2013
Both~! <333
I'm so happy to be back~! ^____^
I'm actually trying to stay focused with one of my own comics right now xDD Hopefully it'll work out~!
Awwwww~ [/hugglesnuggle] I'm glad that my comments can be of help~! ^________^

Sai/Kuragi are my favorite couple also because they're pirates and I /always/ take the pirate side in the pirates vs ninja debate :3
I can't wait to see the moment Sai gets his voice back xDD Kuragi's gonna have a handful.

Also; Oh shit indeed, Shuuhei o_________o [/ducks under bomb bunker, straps on helmet, and peeks over the edge to watch the father's reaction]
February 21st, 2013
[/hugglesnuggles] I've missed you baybeh ;O;
Your comics are always enjoyable to me~! ^____^ I wish I had enough concentration to actually stick to a plot like you do xDD Whenever I spend too long on one idea, my mind just drifts, haha!

I'll have you know, Aki/Kaidou is second only because Sai/Kuragi is first <333 Sai will be my favorite uke forever~<3

[/crosses fingers and hopes for the best] Kaidou, hurry up and realize Aki needs you now ;_____; Urk, I forsee more drama ahead.

February 20th, 2013
Five whole chapters...
Well, technically four and a bit.

But I missed /almost five chapters/ [/flails]
You have no idea the emotional roller-coaster I was riding while catching up to this comic.
I've missed my second favorite couple so much~~~ And I've caught up just in time for more drama, hurrah~!

Also, I don't like Kaidou's mum already. I'm not even sorry. I really just don't like people like that; she didn't even give poor Aki a chance to say anything D:<
This comic looks really interesting...I'd like to join if that's okay o________o
I'm still kinda new to this whole comic application thing though...
February 19th, 2013
Am I the only one who's gonna point out that guy in the first panel has poop on his head? > <
Is anyone still here?
Hullo there! I've gotten permission to remake this comic...If anyone is still interested, you can find it here:
....I /can't/ be the only one thinking "Holy shit, it's the Cumberbatch version of Sherlock. o_____________o"
[/flails] They're finally clearing things up~! ^O^ Huzzah~!!!!

Anyways, sorry for the lack of comments these past two days @.@ I'm starting senior year so I can hardly use the computer, but I can't abandon reading this when they're just so close to understanding each otherrrr~~ >w<
More sparkles! MOAR! I'm going to get diabetes reading this comic <3 But I don't give a rat's ass 8'D

Speaking of ass...I'm going to just agree with everyone and say: Make up sex. Now. *O*

Hehe, this was the reason you had him take a bath wasn't it? xD Just so he could get into a bathrobe, which just so /happens/ to be just one piece of clothing which can be taken off fairly easily in situations like this??? 8'D [/is shot]

I'm over thinking things aren't I xDDD

And I swear, one of these days I'll find a way to be one of the first to post replies on this comic.

One of these days.
[/starts blubbering nonsense like an idiot while squealing in the background]
[/starts throwing stuff around and squirming in seat]
It's so cute, it's killing me!!! *O*

In the last panel, though, I think you meant to make him say *monopolize? .o.
August 6th, 2012
I'm wondering what he means by lack of's a skull, what expression does he want it to make? xDD
All the shojou sparkles~~~~~!!

After such a long time of waiting, the AkixKaidou fangirl in me is almost satisfied. 8'D


[/is shot]
HE CHOSE A~!!!!!! *O*
Oh Kaidou, hurry up and tell him that you love him too~! <3

I'm glad you enjoy reading my comments as much I enjoy posting them, Crimson~ xD
Comment virginity~! *O* [/is shot]
;A; [/hugs back] I can't help it; tragic stories have the best plot-lines and/or artwork xD

My 'ominous feeling' senses are tingling o3o
Can't wait for when the suspicious dark-haired hottie is going to return now...o3o

Pretty hands~~~~
Gosh, every page is just so pretty and glowing and-and- [/flails] I wish I could draw half as well as you can xD
A) "....was because I love you too much."
B) "....was because I'm an idiot."
C) "....was because I couldn't stand to see you kick me to the curb after you got Ryuuta back."
D) All of the Above
E) None of the Above

;A; [/clicks desperately on A]

And I'm back to spamming all your pages with my comments again, hurhurhur...
First off, in reply to the other page, thank you; I immediately felt better when I saw that you updated 8'D

LOL ok, I'm exaggerating, but it helped xD

And as for the comment on this page: [/crosses fingers again] (oxo) Please, please, please clear things up Aki!!
*holds breath until her face turns blue and crosses fingers until her knuckles turn white*
This is like the moment before the roller-coaster takes the plunge from the top of the hill x(oXo)x

Wow, I was sick for only two days and suddenly I had almost a chapter to catch up to xDD
Yeah, but the idiot cares for you ;3;

You two are such lovable siblings ;3; [/wants to cuddle them]

Oh gosh, I've just been reading so much drama and tragedy lately...[/needs to restock tissue boxes near the computer soon ;3;]
Didn't want to comment at first because I didn't want to post a blubbering sobbing fangirl mess of a comment all over this page >.<

Kaidou! Hurry up and realize that Aki's run away and catch up to him!!! >O<