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Maybe it will make sense later
coloured page :3
I had to divide this page in two because it was too big
as some may have noticed, this series has been on hiatus for a while. sorry about this, and also sorry I haven't informed about this before.
I had a lot to do at school last year, so i didn't have the time to make comics. So just to inform people; this series is now on hiatus for an undecided amount of time. I would like to continue the series sometime in the future, as i have lots of ideas for stuff that's going to happen, and characters that aren't yet introduced. There is also a chance i won't continue the comic.
I am currently working on a new comic, but since school is starting soon i might have to give that one up too, though i am trying to keep it relatively short. however, if i manage to make enough pages that i at least have a start i will post it here on SJ. also, i should really replace that shitty profile picture that i made when i was like 14 years old.
An awesome drawing by Kaze-katorin-chan
I brutally blackmailed and forced her to... ehrm I mean nicely requested her to draw this character for me.
no, this chapter doesn't really have anything to do with star trek.
lol joe's face in the 3rd panel XD... i feel sorry for him
a really cheap love confession
I love Daniel! so cute <3
...but it's probably just because of the light in the room or something.
February 18th, 2012
and suddenly alien languages aren't translated anymore
February 5th, 2012
Lucien is supposed to be a musical genius.. but in this drawing he doesn't know how to hold a guitar. FAIL -.-'
new readers: skip this, start on chapter one, which makes more sense
valentines day is today... right?
because nobody was expecting this, right?
Simon obviously isn't thinking straight, since he is willin to let earth be invaded by aliens as long as he gets to keep his friend.
or perhaps he wants earth to be invaded by aliens...
anyway, thanks for reading :)
btw, that's a police car...
i have absolutely no idea how police cars are supposed to look like, and i don't really know where this story takes place either. so it probably doesn't look like a police car at all... -.-
and i was too lazy to colour the last panel properly, so it looks really weird... but i'll just say it's a special effect. >;)
yeah i know, weird colours... :/
chaotic internet indeed, its full of crap like this comic ;P

i have changed my updating scedule again, to uploading a comic every five days.
damn, i've changed my drawing style again, sorry. hopefully it's for the better...