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I'm super excited for the tour! What shenanigans will these kids get up to?!
I do solemnly swear...
... that I will vote every day! The greater the chances of spreading the loves the better :D
Keep it up :D
Picture of You just keeps getting better and better! Whenever I open my RSS reader I always find that the first thing I check for are PoY updates :D You're a champion Mr Gibson Twist!

And... I think this alt dialog may be the best I've seen yet ^^
Love SpiralPen's comment. Patrick's hunk knows what's what! Let's hope Patrick doesn't waste this opportunity :D
Ohhhh yes, a tiny pink robot! And a One Inch Punch mug :D This strip is fantastic!
She's just taking it all in her stride! Not phased in the slightest by your ruthless comments :D
I only just recently discovered your Nuzlocke run through Leaf Green and I enjoyed every page/video from start to finish! I still can't believe how attached I was to those characters (it seems so silly!). I kept realising whenever one 'died' how I'd gotten so used to their character, and then they'd suddenly be gone!

Very funny, and very dramatic, I love it! And I'll be following your adventures in Heart Gold closely from now on :D

Hi :D I've been reading your comic every day for about a month now and just realised that I've never commented! How very, very slack of me. I'm in the middle of studying for exams at the moment, and when I get stuck on something (which happens far too frequently for my liking!) I remember that I haven't checked up on TPR... I have a read and a giggle, then I'm back on track to academic stardom!

So, thank you Rori for making moments of tehehehe in my otherwise very dull and stressful days! :)
And so Buck T. Wild makes his debut on Channel 7 News with his new segment "Let's Get Buck Wild"!