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Reply to miniminilena
It's ok, not everyone is going to get every comic, but this is actually a statistics problem that is used in science quite a bit. To prove that something is true, you must first prove that the null hypothesis or opposite is not true. For example if I want to say that the sky is blue, I must first prove it is not any other color. Anyway, the null hypothesis is given using that little circle after the y in the last panel. This symbol is called Y naught. a pun on y not XD
A big thank you!
Thank you everyone for being a part of my start in the comic world. I'm really enjoying myself so far and am glad that you guys are commenting and pushing me to continue with the things I enjoy. Once again, thank you so much and as always...there will be more to come!
A Second Comic To Say I Have More Than One
Yay a second comic. Just wanted to see a second one up there cause I don't want to have this awesome webcomic thing and only have one strip up. Hope everyone enjoys!
First Comic...and more to come!
This is my first comic...I sincerely hope someone will notice it and take an interest...and since this is my first time, I'm pretty excited. I will update this every saturday at 3pm unless otherwise stated!