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; D
Amazingly drawn as always~! BTW I like cloverleaf, but I find this comic more entertaining... I'm a sucker for vampires LOL
Oh I thought you might have quit, but YES! lo and behold, an UPDATE~~~! *spazzes out somemore*
LOL thankyouthankyouthankyou!

The doll is sooo cute!
Up~date~! *sings* I love the poor random guy's expression LOL. This comic is amazing!
YES! YES! YEEESSSSS!!!! You just made my day(or life)~

LOL this page is hilarious! "Oh my!"
Still there?
You havent updated in a looonnnngggg time... You are going to continue,aren't you? I'd be heartbroken if you didn't... *sniffle* Please?
So Cute
Luz is sooo adorable!!! I wouldn't be able to resist that for anything, LOL~
New page! New page! You made mah day~
This comic is amazing! The art is unbeliviable and the story is just what I needed (LOL I'm creepy) This is simply wonderful!
LOL this is an adorable comic~ Keep posting!
YAY!!! Another page~ This story is awsome!!!
I love this story! Please, please, please make more soon?!?