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i want to read pure yaoi and yuri....... im 16 and i live in Bakotopia(people who live there know wat i mean). I like to do some drawings myself but i dont know how to add them here. but i will someday.
dont know wat else to say besides goth rulz and twilight droolz!
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i would be mad to be cheated on haha
hahaha cant wait for this
he better fall in the other guys arms
well okay i understand. im happy this is one of the first comics i read on here :)
and wow so much has happened in your life, these things do happen and it does change one.
wow that is awsome!
oh ohhhh! :(
cool i like this steampunk cinderella story :)
wow the mood has changed quickly
huh? why did he get scared?
i know its a little to late but what was that yaoi book you put
is georges going to come out? im not obligating you to just wondering, your comics fun either way
oh! awsome i was the only one to answer quickly 0u0
i am that fast arn't i >;)
awwww mannnnn, well i would have to go with option 2 because i want to know what happens next
awww dont be sad im sure this year wont be that bad :(
hahaha i should of seen that coming!
i read it freshmen year and it did make me cry a little; even the movie :p but the book that really made me sad was THIS IS NOW THAT WAS THEN by the same author, ponyboy's in that book too
December 9th, 2010
hahaha this made me laugh
December 2nd, 2010
this is really cute
i agree with iamseth!!!!;D