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Sunset Ramen
-Er.....what is this for again?

Not too sure about the pen name, but I'm quite familiar with the affiliation of 'Tsubasa'. (Don't bother asking where it came from, even I don't know...)In an effort to sharpen my coloring skills and stop procrastinating, I've finally started making an effort to post art.
I'm an animation nerd, in a way. While my style is pretty much anime-influenced I'm into various forms of art. (And hell, these days nearly everything is accused of being animesque.)Currently caught up in life, while trying to get a comic series off the ground. Which means huddling up to my miniscule desk and brushing up on my good ol' HTML.

It'll probably be my first in at least 4 years, so wish me luck!

Other Hobbies: Playing video games, strangling Photoshop, watching old cartoons, and plotting new pasta recipies.
Favorite Food: Cinnamon Rolls, although I'm partial to cake and spicy foods too.
1st thing that came to mind visiting this site: "Wow, that's a whole lot of yaoi..."
That has to be the best damn penciled glass I've ever seen.
"Good sir, would you like a Melody for your head?"'s even better in color.
Oh no...he's not girl crazy at alll...