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Hey guys, I'm Megzy but I doubt you really care. I'm an animator and artist, but I also spend my time watching anime and reading manga and fanfiction! I fail at doing my own doujin, but I thoroughly enjoy all of yours!!

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Pfffft, forget that other dude and go for this hot new one with long hair!! @u@ ...I'm a terrible person XD
Lol, forget that Rei dude Ai!! This pervert is way hotter! XD
Nawwwww.... I just love his expression in the last panel... I just wanna hug him... Oh what I wouldn't give to have a boy with kitty ears.... *sobsob*
lol, that teacher has some hot stuff going on XD
September 15th, 2010
Nuuu dont resist Saiyu!! Do it do it!! >///< Lol, poor Haru... Gettin' all beat up...
Oh if only highschool was REALLY like that... xD
oh lol.... he so reminds me of my friend's oc Dj... poor them teehee. Yet another victim of forced yaoi pairings... *not so secretely HATES yaoi lol* please continue to update!! I love this doujin so much XD
What's that little doll on her bed...? 0_0 lol, Love it, keep updating!!
Waaaaah I just COULDN'T RESIST commenting... HE CRIEEEDDDDD D: It's so awesome!! *fangirl cheer*
Oh LOL I laughed so hard I fell off the chair and my parents looked at me strangely... CLASSIC!!!
Lol, never trust a cat boy with lip piercings XP What a naughty little kitty cat
Waaaahh~ I NEED MOOOREEE!!! *wails* This is so incredibly good and addictive nyaa~ Your plot and art style is just amazing!! Keep up the good work!
Waaahh NOW I WANT A NEKO TOO!! *nosebleed* this is so awesome...