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No, you're suave.
HAHA OMG Lizard, you live to see another day.
I feel like he's actually talking about making a cult.
Best comic I'm reading on this site!
Translation: It wouldn't be statutory rape anymore ;D
HAha jk. But this comic :~D
Oh m g Jock plz marry me you dunderhead. Where's the rest of the crew? :0c
June 9th, 2012
Wow, welcome back! Missed this :)
Jock just accept her mating ritual, you jerk. >:'|
Smack his rear and then ask for a 1-on-1? Oh Sanders ;)
No one curr
Oh Walter. You lucky baby. :y
I think you should leave it uncolored. It kinda adds to the whole "oh shit"-ness to it. :D Whatta freaky thing!
HAHA no worries this is just as good, if not better. What a hot steamy office romance this chapter is turning out to be ;)))
And good golly yes I would buy a comic made by you! :D Your stuff is great.
Oooo, we got a mystery on our hands! (But in my heart I hope it's from Sanders in a somehow non-joking way....) TIME TO INVESTIGATE!
Yay update! Haha, today is just not Danny's day. Just go get an ice cream, son, and everything'll be better.
Oooooooooooh....I like where this is heading.... ;)
Congrats on graduating :D
Oh my god, right when we were finally getting some bromantic action, a bear has to be flung at Jock.....tears in my eyes
March 19th, 2012
The Walking Store...
Aww what are John and Dave shopping for?? Lingerie??
Finally out of that awkward pit haha
Go randomly bump into Alan, Danny!! I demand it. >:U
Haha, it would be funny to meet him regardless. I want to put a lock in one of his gauges. Hahahahaha
Ice creaaaam! Oh, Justin, you are such a bro.
I wonder what Alan is up to right now.... :0
"You've liked VAGINA this whole time?!"
Best soap opera ever.
Haha, aww. Danny portrays himself as a cute fella when he texts but in reality he's a total grump.
Danny, you are clearly too asexual to own porn mags pertaining to boobies. Derek can't be fooled so easily. :p
Haha Danny's face for the last 5 pages have all been hilariooooous just like D:(
Oh my gosh, progression of friendship!! LEVEL UP! (If this were a video game I would be alllllll over it)