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I rp. I like Death Note, Letter Bee, Kuroshitsuji, Bleach, ect. Not all that much to say really.
Just ask if you want to know something.
My DeviantArt is TheDayDreamer363.

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    Haley R.
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Welcome back! I was afraid you really had let the comic die ;;;
Welcome back!
I'm glad to see you havn't let it drop dead! A lot of artists on here go on break and, just, never come back.
I shall forever hear this person speaking in Slade's voice.
Reunited and it feels so good
I...I think I just heard my heart break.
Jack! I mean, I knew there'd be casualties and all, war's war, but... Jack!
February 25th, 2012
Bout to get kicked DOWN that mountain of stairs
I do love me some gallows humor
Holmes my boy you need to leave the house more often, you're the color of his jumper for crying out loud.
I do love you style, by the way <3 The little details, the shading, it's amazing
Oh honey no.
You being his ass slave is making things worse. Think about it, word getting out that you're a pervert is one thing. Word getting out that you're a (not saying he is but) slut is much worse. Everyone's a pervert. Everyone thinks dirty thoughts now and then or even draws it, but doing what you're doing is something else and he'll use that against you. Come, let me love you *huggls*
January 17th, 2012
Well fine then.
Get stabbed.
You're fucked.
He'll turn your sorry carcass inside out, keep you alive, and let the birds have you.
January 5th, 2012
OH god. don't kick him.
Lol those are like the most inattentive guards ever, I love them XD
P-p-p-p-p-p-p-poker face~
December 29th, 2011
Does it hurt her to use that barbed wire? Or for it to be inside her?
this is amazing
December 29th, 2011
Such detail!
Your work is amazing, it truly is. Loving the story so far, trying not to obsess over War (loving his name, too) but your art just puts it way over the top.
December 29th, 2011
I must ask- and sorry if you've already answered this, but how is it she writes like that? Do the words simply appear on her? Stupid question, i know, but I've never seen her just carve them into herself so I had to ask.