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I'm just a guy who likes to read comics.
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Really? Well I'm from Melemele and I never heard anyone use the phrase, "hiding a body."
May 29th, 2019
@Medina Cartoonist: Dscipline keeps showing up as the latest comic even though it isn't. New comics queue up behind it.
May 27th, 2019
I think the comics are out of order.
April 1st, 2019
I wonder who asks these characters all these questions.
October 25th, 2018
Even Darcy is afraid.
August 26th, 2018
The wrong way to eat a Reese's Cup.
June 25th, 2018
@Guest: IIRC, that is the actual factual reason that tentacle porn grew in popularity in Japan.
You can call me Knuckles. Unlike Cruckles I don't chuckle. I'd rather flex my muscles.
Wait, what happened to the red eye replacements and electronic piece over his missing horn?
September 8th, 2016
@Max Pearce: Being that guy just makes it easier for the author when the paper version is released.
Just noticed.
Is that brown patch on the right side of her right arm supposed to be part of her white shirt?
The C-ries
@Super Bluey: Yes.
Thanks for reading.
Thanks for reading.
He's Batman.
Jeez, how high was his damage percentage?
How did she know Jeffrey was the robber? He was wearing a mask.
Like a mayor!
I doubt that wallet belonged to that old lady.
Hat girl had to learn the hard way.