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Now that people have mentioned Book 2 chapter 3.... I'm really worried. :| It's times like these where I kind of wish for the longer pages. HA!
But seriously... this is going to be bad. :(
D: Whaaaaaaaaa? Huh. MOVE YOUR HAND, Peter, I want to read the rest, what does he say about youuuuuu?
Beautiful, as always.

I know it's rather time consuming but have you thought of doing a tutorial or a process post on how you color your pages? I always like to see how other artists work :)

Again, beautiful work, can't wait to see what happens next!
God, you guys are too cute. TOO CUTE.
Woot woot!! :D Thanks, Gibson!

And yes!! I remember I had initially clicked on it because I was going through an obsession with the Cure. Little did I know... :P
Yeah, I was gonna say--no encore?? Though sometimes there just isn't time enough for it. Especially if they are not the headlining band---for every concert I've seen (many) I've never seen the opening act do an encore.
And another reason Mulligan reminds me of an ex.
Ahh, I had to go back a few pages, totally forgot she came in the door with bags.
WELL. I'm not worried. Clearly all this stuff gets worked out, I'm now just curious as to HOW things get cleared up after this potential blow up/break up.
Bum bum bum...

While I actually agree with Sam that Lauren needs to chill out and get out of everyone's business (she's being verrrrry preachy lately)... there was PROBABLY a better way to handle that.
Yay! The game reminds me of Talisman ^^ though I don't think you'd be able to play that outside. Anyway, I am the worst commenter ever, and I never get a chance to but I wanted to drop in and say that I look forward to your updates and I just love all of your work! I loved Far out Mantic and I love this too! Keep it up :)
YES. Rachel is my hero. Although, I wouldn't say Christo is all that bad--it could have been worse--it could have been Mulligan! D:
Ahh the mysterious cameo, someone who scorned you in the past, I take it?
Awh, man I feel dumb, I didn't realize that was the sister. I feel bad for Winston though, regardless of how that witch treated him, it's still his mother. :(
Aw, thank you, Owl. :)
Finished last night with 30 minutes to spare!!

The comic home is here:
Good on her! She certainly deserves better than that prick.
I must be missing something, but where is the comment about the Bechdel test?
I always say that I had an ex-boyfriend like Mulligan--but the fact of the matter even HE'S not that bad--and he had some pretty bad moments. That boy has no redeeming qualities, his hat is RIDICULOUS, he's a giant prick, and uses the C-word way too much. So yeah, he needs to get a life and grow the fuck up. I hope Vivian doesn't waste her time with him, he's not worth it.... end rant. Sorry, I can't staaaand people like that, if I had my choice of what my cameo placement was I'd say it would be kicking Mulligan in the nuts, but I don't so I hope to god someone does. :)