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Loik, OhMiGaawwwsh!


I like to draw and read, and waste my life away on the internet, and write, and looove people.
I don't like to eat brussell sprouts cuz those sheets taste narsty. Aaand I don't like rude, close-minded people.

Okaaay, originally when i made this account I planned on actually making a WebComic buuut, turns out my tablet isnt for Windows 7 n my home computer is a biiiirch tree whom I love very much. :]

Soo, maybe when I get a new tablet... if i get a new tablet, i'll uh make one :'D

lol, maybe.

You love me ♥

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Lolololol suuuch a little girl XD
September 25th, 2010
B'D makes me wish i was a dude...nvm i like my bewbs.
Yaaaaay! Gay Guy :'D He makes me smile.
=insert pervy thoughts here=
kekeke, i hope he's grabbing the sheets and not whats uuuundeer them. Lawlz.
August 6th, 2010
Le Gaaaasp :'] Soooooo purtiful!
Wao! A whooole year!? Holy Poo! That's like...old :] Not reaally. <3 lawlz, Someone seems happy!
Laawlz, we knooow it's a boy :'D

At least you haave shading skillz! <3
August 5th, 2010
LAWLZ X'D Looooove to be her right now!
Kekekeke... B] loooking foreward to this... <3
August 4th, 2010
For the oddest reasons mypossible yaoi senses are tingly, could this mean... Bondage? Meh, I can dream.
We love you...

So why aren't you updating...

Koreaaaan Dramas?!
I know how you feel bout the k-dramas, adddiiiiicting.

Lolol Cliiiingy. poor stripe, being used!!!
July 21st, 2010
Exploading Mouthwash.
Foaming at the mouth...¢¾
Foaming at the mouth...¢¾

Soooo Beautiful!!