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time is the enemy
Some sort of dorkish creature that enjoys drawing pretty boys making out.

I like to go by Albee here on the webs! I'm a college student who waste their time drawing instead of studying, mixing in a bit (OR A LOT, MORE LIKE A LOT) of roleplaying.
Oh yes please do continue. I was happy to see an update today!
So sad that it's over but this and White Velvet were wonderful and the art amazing! Hope we get to see more work from you!
new pages and a new background! Yeah! Love the comic btw and just everything you do.
Aw Noc you have a cutie butt!
There is just too much cuteness for one page! I love the bits of color in there too, it really acts a wonderful effect. I can't wait for more!
I don't know why but, that second panel is just so cute!
Oh no! Don't let people bother you! You're just too awesome and amazing for them! They be jealous! I hope things get better soon though!
Is it me...
Or is the coloring different? I like it. can't wait for the next update! c:
time is the enemy
September 29th, 2011
Nooooo! I stay here till you return. This comic es to good to leave!
Oh this is just cute so far. I love your style and it's pretty interesting. I can't wait to read more, awesome work!
Is just pure beauty!
No, but really, liking the pages I've read and loving the art too! Can't wait for more!
This Is...
Just amazing. I am so enjoying the story so far and your art work is amazing! I can't wait for more~
You thought wrong Harry...
You thought wrong... Aw, this is so cute! I love it, can't wait for more~
I don't know it is about this page but it makes me smile! I adore this comic so far along with the art, can't wait to read more!
So pretty and...Amazing. I love the chapter cover. You did a wonderful job and I can't wait for more of the this awesome story! Keep it up! :D
Can't wait to see more although no rush or anything, school and life can be a pain. I'm also enjoying the story so far :D I miss courage. Such an awesome show but no, now they have some...lame shows >.<
Is in love...
With this comic. It's so cute so far and I'm defiantly enjoying the art. I can't wait for more!