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My friends and I have an artist alley table called Kitsune Ink! We go to some of the anime cons in Virginia; Anime Mid-Atlantic (AMA) and Nekocon. Come visit us there!
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Nice outfits! It's good to see clothes that are not the uniforms once in a while.
The super ultra megaphone shout of power!!!!
Mmmm spaghetti. I should make that tomorrow
Haha, Keith is trying to steal the spotlight. XD
Aww that is so sweet *hugs* Mappy is such a cutie
Hello! I'm Jenny from Virginia, I like talking about food with my best friend. What are some of your favorite foods to eat?
That would be an interesting battle. I bet Alucard would toy with her.

I enjoy the way the black area looks textured. Did that happen when it was scanned?
even though it wasn't drawn I still laughed at the legendary fish battle. Great work telling the story :D
oh noes! Another car down. hope he is okay too. :)
It made me laugh so much! Nice work there! I love the shorts he's handing over. Cover up Spud Guy!
And thanks for adding me in too <3 I'm getting cuddles. Love ya sweet thing!
Feeling Rosie
I've been looking for a new job so I made my version of Rosie the Riveter for inspiration. I can do it! I'll work my butt off!

go here to read about the original art.
excellent! this makes me smile :D
busted! He's gonna get it XD
Yeay! I'm so glad to see more pages. You're welcome for the Harvest Moon game, sweet heart ;)
D: ...... I'll have nightmares!
don't be afraid of the ponies. :) embrace your inner brony and rejoice! XD
i try to shoo them out the door first. i'd feel bad about squashing something so cool
woah! that was unexpected but awesome! XD
uh oh, it got submitted more than once, should we fix this?
oh a ghost hunter :) that's neat. Maybe he has special bullets to make it work.