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Happy Birthday Mr. Wax!
And I LOVE that present! It is quite amazing indeed. *jealous*
@ Chakat Stripedfur
I thought of doing a random nice thing and decided to save the picture and put it on photobucket ans give you the link.

EDIT: The photo is off now, Glad you got your internet working again (for now) I'll keep the original post so that my question can still stand to brit, as if this happens again ill gladly try to assist you Chakat. (if brit does not mind)

Just edit your post saying you read it and I'll take it off as it isnt mine.

@brit: I hope you don't mind, but if so just inform me and I will not do it again. Just trying to help. =D
I enjoy that blood is always the color that appears in this comic. It (almost?) never fails.

I can only ponder why Turllin has his ears back like a cute kitten when he is dead...

Oh I noticed the subtle "Very FEW escaped", I wonder if these few survivors will play into the story later?
I'm glad SOMEONE is willing to get down to business!
Now thats lame
All work and no play makes Hero a dull boy.

I enjoy how fondly Hero looks back on these memories, he always seems to have a grin on his face.

and VERY IMPRESSIVE ceramic piece of Evon! I wish I could do things that good, but I have never had a knack for art in general.
Its whoopass time...
We already told you we would understand. School before this! Tiz a very nice picture!

Good luck with your midterms!!!
@ darkfennec
I like seeing the original with what Brit has done so I went back to the requests page for appearances and the link your provided doesn't work now.

I wanted to see your original.

Also, for anyone who is a fan of Rage comics here is something I made
@ Mr. Wax
Would you be referring to a Dirk?
The downside of armour
It is generally a good idea to wear Armour but there are two things to consider.

1. Armour slows you down. It has been commented before that Hero doesn't seem to wear armour much but he also has been able to dodge a good deal of attacks that come his way. Its not a coincidence. It IS risky though

2. The accepted idea in most media is that mages are not to wear heavy armour. usually light robes because heavy armour restricts their ability to move freely and therefore cast spells effectively.

Also my input, Evon would need something small and easy to wield (short sword, dagger, etc) because it is important for her to be able to use her hands for spells in a jiffy. So she needs something she can sheathe quickly.
I don't have a DA account or anything to put my picture up and Photobucket isn't working so I had to send it to you in a mail. Hopefully I am still in time.
I hope
Personally, I hope they don't just jump into the lovey doveyness so quickly. I'd be nice if hero maintained a certain level of professionalism considering he is working for her.

Friendly is fine. I hope this brings them together more as friends then lovers.
Catch up!
Missed a few updates being busy and whatnot.

That would be rough and VERY traumatizing even though it was fake. That brief moment of belief can scar the mind beyond what the truth can repair.

I missed the last two incentives for voting! Any way I can see them? I really wanted to see the Sephiroth one!
Necromancers are not usually meant to fight personally. They usually make minions to do it for them or at least provide a distraction. Why she didn't bother making more then 1 measly blank is beyond me.
The ultimate downfall!
That is NOT good. Uncontrollable power usually ends badly.

And who is this Cleo? She seems like she might be related to Evon?
Very pretty
I like how this battle is slowly becoming more and more colorful. I also enjoy how each color casts into each characters eyes.

Evon - Angry / enraged
Lanna - smug / confident
Areth - calm but worried
Hero - calm but planning

Thats my take on the situation
Elfen Lied
I cried at the end of this manga. The anime ends half way through the manga and leaves out the WHOLE reason that it was called Elfen Lied in the first place. so just the manga.

+1 for predicting blood magic